9 Super Cool Facts About Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has gradually transformed from being a luxury to a necessity. After all, this technology has undoubtedly made our everyday lives more comfortable and productive. It is hard to believe that the idea of cooling an area didn’t even exist up until 1902.

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There is no denying that air conditioning is one of the most incredible engineering achievements of the 20th century. Nowadays, aircon Melbourne is taken seriously because of the unforgiving Australian summer heat. Besides cooling the space, air conditioning has revolutionised how we live, eat, work, and many other aspects of life.

We believe that air conditioners do not always get the credit it deserves. That is why we have gathered a few surprisingly COOL and fun air conditioning facts to show you just how much they have impacted our lives and helped us fight against the torturous summer heat. First, let’s take a brief look at the history of air conditioning.

The History of Air Conditioning

Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first modern air conditioner in 1902 in an attempt to control humidity at a printing plant in Brooklyn, NY. He did take help from the concepts of mechanical refrigeration to send air through coils filled with cold water, which resulted in removing moisture while cooling the air at the same time.

At that time, Carrier’s creation was not even called air conditioning. Stuart W Creamer coined the term in 1906. At the start, air conditioners relied on toxic and crude gases like propane, ammonia, and methyl chloride. By 1914, the first air-conditioned house was constructed, and soon, the idea of ducted air conditioning started to emerge.

Interesting Facts About Aircon

There is an evaporative cooler or refrigerated air conditioner in three out of every four Australian households – almost double the number of air conditioners in the late 1990s. We can bet that most of them don’t know about the fun facts that you’re about to read.

FACT #1: The First Air Conditioner Was Invented Long Time Ago

The desire to fight off the heat with cool air predates history. The record of the first air conditioner dates back to about 180 AD. Surprisingly, a Chinese engineer named Ding Huan in Han Dynasty China invented the first air conditioner, a proto air conditioner. He created a manually powered rotary fan consisting of a seven-wheel fan that was about 10 feet in diameter. It would require the turning of a wheel to move the enormous air conditioning fan.

FACT #2: Movie Theatres Were Among The First Businesses To Use Air Conditioning

It may come as a huge surprise to you, but movie theatres were among the first businesses to use air conditioning. As it was a marketing strategy to get people interested in coming to the movies, theatres released the most-hyped pictures in the summer. That’s when the term ‘Summer Blockbuster’ was born.

FACT #3: ACs Were Not Meant For People

In 1902, humidity and heat were causing havoc in the printing process inside the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company. Willis Carrier invented the machine which he called ‘Apparatus for Treating Air’ to control humidity. The use of chilled coils helped achieve the desired results, and it didn’t take long before large buildings started adopting bulky air conditioners. And now, analysts are predicting that over 5.6 billion buildings will have air conditioners by 2050.

FACT #4: The Power of Ice

Okay, this fact is interesting and funny. The output settings of AC systems were measured in – wait for it – ICE POWER. It means the output ratings were calculated on how many ice blocks it would require to produce the same amount of cooling power.

FACT #5: The First Home ACs Were HUGE and Expensive

When the public was first introduced to the comfort and luxury of air conditioners, they had to purchase a unit that was about 2 metres wide, 2 metres high, and 6 metres long. Early air conditioners could be bought for 10,000 to $50,000 USD. That is about $120,000 to $600,000 in today’s terms.

FACT #6: Air Conditioning Changed Architecture

Before air conditioning changed our daily lives, buildings and homes were designed with breezeways, high ceilings and other features to maximise airflow. But that all changed with the introduction of air conditioners. Nowadays, houses and buildings are designed in a way to accommodate easy integration of air conditioning.

FACT #7: It Has Changed Our Heat Tolerance

Several scientific studies have shown that people who become accustomed to living in air-conditioned environments have lowered heat tolerance. It means that a typical hot summer’s day will feel more intense to a person than it did to people generations ago.

FACT #8: Air Conditioning Is Effectively Combating Australia’s Deadliest Natural Hazard

Australia’s scorching summers can be intolerable and deadly. In fact, heatwaves have caused more deaths in the country than bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes, floods, and other natural hazards combined. Studies have shown that air conditioning is one of Australia’s most effective ways to cope with heatwaves.

FACT #9: The Practice of Summer Vacation Predates AC

Before air conditioning became common, it was too hot to work or learn that factories and schools would take summer breaks. Luckily, the practice stuck around even after air conditioning was popularised.

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