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Panasonic is a leader in Air Conditioning solutions across Australia, with a range of systems available that can maintain a comfortable temperature and achieve better air quality for your home.  For over 60 years, Panasonic has been at the forefront of the Air Conditioning industry, with an emphasis on supplying systems that are easy to install and suitable for a range of different home environments.

At ComfyHome Heating & Cooling, we’re proud to offer Panasonic Air Conditioner installation to keep your home cool and comfortable. We can also assist with a regular Panasonic Air Conditioner service to help you maintain your system.

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Panasonic Split System Air Conditioning

Air Purification, Wall Mounted Split System

Panasonic’s nanoe™X Technology is a revolutionary air purification system that keeps your living space fresh and clean for you and your family.

  • Cooling Capacities: 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 4.2kW, 5.0kW, 6.0kW, 7.1kW, 8.0kW
  • Heating Capacities: 3.2kW, 4.3kW, 5.1kW, 6.0kW, 7.2kW, 8.0kW, 9.0kW
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • NanoeTMX Air Purification System, 24 HOURS Air Purification
  • Smart Control, Smart Comfort
  • Self-Diagnostic Function
Panasonic Split System Air Conditioning

Wall Mounted Split System

Panasonic’s reverse cycle wall mounted split systems offer quiet and efficient cooling and heating. Together with intuitive voice control and Wi-Fi control.

  • Cooling Capacities: 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 4.2kW, 5.0kW, 6.0kW, 7.1kW, 8.0kW
  • Heating Capacities: 3.0kW, 3.7kW, 5.1kW, 5.8kW, 6.5kW, 7.5kW, 9.0kW
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Superior Airflow, Powerful Cooling
  • SMART Control, Comfort, Efficiency & Assist
  • Removable, Washable Panel
Panasonic Split System Air Conditioning

Large Capacity Wall Hung

Panasonic’s large capacity wall mounted air conditioner offers high performance, stylish matt colour design and low noise level. It also allows intuitive voice control and Wi-Fi control*.

  • Cooling Capacities: 9.0kW, 9.5kW
  • Heating Capacities: 9.0kW, 9.5kW
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Stylish Smooth Design with a Washable Front Panel
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Installation with Piping Outlet in 6 Directions
Panasonic Multi Split System Air Conditioning

Panasonic Multi Split System Air Conditioning

Panasonic Multi Room Air Conditioning offers a multi-room heating and cooling solution for the whole home.

  • Cooling Capacities: 5.2kW, 5.4kW, 7.1kW, 8.0kW, 10.0kW
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Up to 5 Variety of Indoor Unites allowed
  • Flexible System Design for Connection Diversity
  • Built Tough to Last
Panasonic Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

High Static Ducted with Air Purification

High static and large airflow ducted, with nanoeTMX air purification, and exceptional installation flexibility.

  • Cooling Capacities: 6.0kW, 7.1kW, 10.0kW, 12.5kW, 14.0kW, 16.0kW, 18.0kW, 20.0kW, 22.4kW
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • 24-hour NanoeTMX Air Purification
  • High Performance with Premium Inverter Technology
  • Powerful Airflow even Compact Design
Panasonic Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Adaptive Ducted with Air Purification

Control all aspects of your environment with exceptional performance and quiet operation. Vertical installation flexibility offers the perfect solution when ceiling heights are restricted.

  • Cooling Capacities: 6.8kW, 9.5kW, 12.1kW, 13.4kW
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • 24-hour NanoeTMX Air Purification
  • Space Saving 250mm Height
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
Panasonic Air Conditioning Wired Controller

Deluxe Wired Remote Controller (CZ-RTC5B)

The wall control with its large LCD display gives you full operational access and can be easily customised to suit unique requirements.

  • Energy Saving with Time Setting
  • Easy Operation
  • Weekly Timer Program
  • LED Backlight and Large Touch Key
  • Elegant and Morden Design
Panasonic Air Conditioning Smart Controller

Smart Connectivity Controller

Fully Customisable and Building Management System ready wall controller

  • Customisable & Sensing Technology
  • Energy Saving and Comfort
  • PAC Smart Connectivity

24-hour nanoe™X Air Purification - Panasonic Air Conditioning

Regular Heating and Cooling Service and Maintenance

Panasonic AC Service & Maintenance

To keep your Panasonic system working reliably, it’s important to schedule regular servicing and maintenance. ComfyHome Heating & Cooling can provide a regular Panasonic Air Conditioner service for all systems, including Split Systems and Ducted Air Conditioning. From carrying out repairs through to conducting routine maintenance such as filter cleaning, we can get the job done without making your warranty void.

We also recommend DIY maintenance for cleaning the air filters of Panasonic split systems. Make sure filters are cleaned every year to prevent dust and dirt clogging your system.

Panasonic Air Conditioning Warranty

Panasonic Air Conditioning Warranty

At ComfyHome Heating & Cooling, we offer Panasonic Air Conditioner installation with a 5-year parts and labour warranty. This means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your new cooling system will provide you with years of reliable performance.

For this warranty to be valid, your system must be professionally installed by a team like ComfyHome.

Call ComfyHome Heating & Cooling on 1300 266 394 to get a FREE quote for Panasonic Air Conditioning servicing and maintenance!

Panasonic Air Conditioning FAQ's

Panasonic has been in the Air Conditioning game for over 60 years, meaning every system is backed by years of experience and expertise.  Their systems are packed with innovative features and are specially designed for the Australian climate, making them the perfect choice for Australian homes.

At ComfyHome Heating & Cooling, we recommend getting your Panasonic ducted air conditioner or split system serviced every 2 years. This will extend the lifespan of your system and ensure it continues to operate efficiently.

For a FREE quote for Panasonic Air Conditioner service, call ComfyHome Heating & Cooling today on 1300 266 394.

This will depend on the specific area that needs cooling. Panasonic systems are available in various sizes to suit different needs, from single room split systems through to multi-room solutions with a Panasonic ducted air conditioner.

The ComfyHome team can help you determine the best system to cool your space. For an accurate assessment of the required Split unit size, we recommend you CONTACT US for a detailed analysis.

Panasonic recommends maintaining your system by cleaning the air filters within your indoor unit often to prevent dust and dirt build-up. This will ensure the airflow from the unit isn’t restricted.

Contact ComfyHome Heating & Cooling for more information.

Why Choose Mitsubishi Air Conditioning?

Fresh air icon
Improved Air Quality

When you opt for a Panasonic split system installation, you can benefit from improved air quality thanks to Panasonic’s revolutionary filters.

Voice control icon
Voice Control Available

With a Panasonic air conditioner installation, you can enjoy intuitive voice control with compatible systems (WLAN adaptor required).

Designed for Australia icon
Designed for Australia

Panasonic air conditioners are designed for Australian conditions, ensuring reliable performance in temperatures up to 52°C.

Smart connected icon
Smart Control

Panasonic systems boast innovative connectivity and control features, making it easier than ever to maintain a comfortable temperature.

How Can We Help You Today?

ComfyHome services range from sales and installation of a comprehensive range of heating and air conditioning systems through to servicing and repairs to keep your system working optimally.

Our Happy Customers Say

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Reviewer icon Sandra Jones From "North Melbourne, Melbourne"

I have contacted with Comfyhome to upgrade our old air conditioning. Everyone here is friendly, attentive and customer service orientated. The new Panasonic air conditioner we installed is much quieter and feel much better with the air purification with everything going on. Came with an excellent warranty and happy to have a new system done for this summer.

Reviewer icon Keith S From "Melton, Melbourne"

This business has a great culture and provides outstanding HVAC service from enquiry to installation.  Everyone we worked with are making sure we were taken care of at every step in the process. We installed Panasonic Air Purification wall mounted split system and happy for the product. Hope this product can ease my allergy symptoms with air purification function.

Reviewer icon Jennifer M From "Strathmore, Melbourne"

I have my Panasonic split system installed by Comfyhome a few years ago and arrange regular service with them as well. Alex installed my air conditioning; I did not meet any technicians better than Alex. He is professional, knowledgeable and patient – doing a great job all the time. Our system is working really well under service and maintenance from Alex!

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