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What is Add-On Cooling?

Add-On Cooling is a form of cooling that can be installed alongside a new or existing Gas Ducted Heating system, utilising the same ducts and vents. Existing ducted heating systems may require updating or replacing in order to be compatible with refrigerated Add-On Cooling.

Many Melbourne homes opt for Add On Ducted Cooling due to its ease of installation and the benefits of enjoying convenient heating and cooling through a single ducted system.

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How Add-On Cooling works

How Does Add-On Cooling works?

An Add-On Cooling system works by being added onto a Gas Ducted Heating System. Add On Cooling installation involves placing a condensing unit outdoors, which is then connected to the gas ducted heating unit through a coil. This allows cool air to flow through the same ducts used by the ducted heating system. You can change between cool or warm air at the push of a button.

Whether you’ll need 1 or 2 controllers for Ducted Heating with Add-On Cooling will depend on the specific system you choose to install.

Save 10% running costs by setting A/C 1 degree lower

What Are the Running Costs of Add-On Cooling?

Add-On Cooling operates just like a Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning system, an efficient form of cooling which runs on electricity.

The following factors can have an impact on Add-On Cooling running costs:

  • System size icon

    System Size

    The system size you’ll need will be dictated by the size of your home. Add On Cooling systems are available in sizes to suit small and large homes. The larger the system installed, the higher the running costs will be.

  • Star rating icon

    Energy Star Rating

    Add-on Cooling systems are available with various energy star ratings, with lower star ratings costing more to run than higher star ratings.

  • Temperature icon

    Thermostat Setting

    Setting your thermostat at a lower temperature will use more energy, resulting in a higher running cost.

  • Brands icon

    Brands & Models

    It can also vary depending on the specific brand and model you choose for Add-On Cooling in Melbourne.

Why choose Add-On Cooling

Why Choose Add-On Cooling?

Add-On Cooling is a very popular choice for homes in Melbourne. Here’s why:

  • Only one set of duct system icon

    Only One Set of Ducts Required

    Because Add-On Cooling uses the same ducted network as your gas ducted heating system, you won’t have to worry about installing two sets of ducts in your home.

  • Zoning icon

    Zoning Available

    Add-On Cooling systems have zoning options available, allowing you to control the temperature in different areas of your home.

  • Add on at any time icon

    Add-On At Any Time

    Addon ducted cooling can be installed with your gas ducted heating system or added on later. The choice is yours!

  • To learn more about Add-On Cooling installation or alternative cooling solutions, call ComfyHome Heating & Cooling today on 1300 266 394 or submit a Free Quote Form Online.

Add-On Cooling supply and installation

Book a FREE onsite consultation now! For the best Add-On Cooling installation in Melbourne, contact ComfyHome today on 1300 266 394 or submit a Free Quote Form Online.

Supply & Installation Costs of Add-On Cooling

Add-On Cooling in Melbourne is a cost-effective option for cooling your home, especially when you already have an existing Gas Ducted Heating system installed. The cost of installing an Add-On Cooling to ducted heating can depend on:

  • Only one set of duct system icon

    New or Existing Ducted Heating System

    Do you already have an existing gas ducted heating system installed? Is it compatible with Add-On Cooling?

  • System icon

    Chosen System

    Add-On Cooling is available from different brands, models and size to suit your home and needs. The larger the system needed, the more it will cost upfront.

  • Complex installation icon

    Complex Installation

    If your home has complex installation requirements, this can increase the price you’ll pay for Add-On Cooling installation.

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Add-On Cooling FAQ's

In short, the key consideration will be your heating demand.
Gas Ducted Heating is no doubt the most efficient whole house heating system as it runs on gas than electricity, the max. heating capacity for Ducted Heater can reach up to 35kW compare to 18kW (Ducted Air Conditioning).

Therefore, Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning is ideal if you don’t have a huge heating demand and it can be slightly cheaper to supply & install.

Sizing the cooling capacity required for your home can be tricky. A general rule is to multiply the cooling area (m²) by 150watts. As an example: The calculation of a house with 100m² cooling area will be (100m² x 150watts = 15kW).

This only give you a rough idea as there are many variables will affect the results such as ceiling height, roof and room insulation, star rating of ductwork etc…

The most accurate way to find out the size of Add-On Cooling is by scheduling a home consultation with ComfyHome, we will measure up your home to help you find the perfect sized unit you need. Call us on 1300 266 394.

Yes, there are many different terms for Add-On Cooling includes Add-On Refrigerated Air Conditioning, Refrigerated Cooling, Add-On Air Conditioning, Add-On Air Con, Add-On Cooler etc… And they are means the same.

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Reviewer icon Christine Foster From "Maidstone - Melbourne"

The quote for heating/cooling system given was very accurate in relation to actual service provided. The product provided was excellent. The installation was completed efficiently and quickly. The area worked in was left in a very clean state. I would recommend ComfyHome. Comfyhome was an excellent company to deal with for your HVAC system.

Reviewer icon James From "Watsonia - Melbourne"

Just installed a new Brivis Ice 15Kw add on refrigerated cooling into my house and I am very happy with the Installation service from ComfyHome. The team is very professional and good communication. From quotation to Installation, I felt very comfortable with every step. I will be back to ComfyHome for my regular service for my heating and cooling system. Thanks.

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Based on the good reviews I thought I’d give ComfyHome Heating Cooling a visit. From quote to unit installation the service was great. Kept in contact, were punctual, reasonable pricing and the quality of the install work fantastic. The installers cleaned up after themselves and made the whole procedure easy. 100% recommend ComfyHome Heating Cooling

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We are extremely happy with the professionalism of Comfyhome Heating and Cooling. Ray was very informative with what was required with our new Central Heating system, installers are excellent. We would recommend ComfyHome Heating Cooling to any of our family & friends. Our home is now ever so toasty and warm so thank you ComfyHome once again.

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