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Add On Cooling


An Add-On cooling system is basically adding on a condensing unit to your existing/newly purchased gas ducted heating system. The same way a gas ducted heater blows out warm air into the vents, the condensing unit contains refrigerant in the coils and allows for cool air to be blown into the same duct system – meaning through the same vents you receive heat from, you can now get cool air as well.


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    Why Choose Split Systems?

    Since gas ducted heating is Melbourne’s top choice in terms of heating options, and users of this system would also like to enjoy cooling options for the summer, an add-on cooler is the perfect solution to this problem.

    As gas ducted heating is only applicable for your heating needs, an Add-On Cooling system allows for your home to be both cooled and heated without the extra cost of having another duct system in your house due to the same ducts being used.


    How Does Add-On Cooling Work?

    Add-On Cooling as the name suggests is an add on that is installed onto or with a Gas Ducted Heating system. It works by installing a condensing unit outside your home either on the roof or the side of your house.

    A series of pipes then connects the condensing unit to a coil that is connected to the Gas Ducted Heating unit and your duct work. The coil then distributes warm and cool air, throughout your home depending on which system you decide to use.

    Depending on the Add-On Cooling unit installed will determine whether you will have two or one controllers used to operate the heating and cooling of your home.

    Benefits of Add-on Cooling:


    One Duct System

    The add-on cooling system is designed to use the same duct and grilles system as the heater which saves a lot of money and time installing the system.



    Most gas ducted heating manufacturers produce systems that can sustain different temperatures in different rooms/areas of the house. This gives different users of the same house the benefit of having a temperature to their liking. Most heaters can zone up to four different temperatures at once.


    Add-on Now or Later

    You have the choice to install the add-on cooler with your heater purchase or add it on whenever you feel like having it.