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Evaporative Cooler Replacement Melbourne

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Keep your cool this summer and save money on energy bills by replacing your old Evaporative Cooler unit with a more efficient and environmentally friendly Evaporative Cooling System.

At ComfyHome Heating & Cooling, we’re capable of replacing your old, inefficient Evaporative Cooler with a brand new, high-quality one. We are your trusted, locally owned and operated company that stands behind its workmanship with a 6-year warranty. With us, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Evaporative cooler repair or replacement

Not quite sure whether it’s best to replace or repair your Evaporative Cooler? Call us now on 1300 266 394 and we will advise you of the best possible solution that fits your needs.

Evaporative Cooler Repair or Replace?

An Evaporative Cooler is ideal for the dry environment of Melbourne, but there will come a time when it requires repairing or even replacing. Here are some factors to consider when you’re wondering whether to repair or replace your Evaporative Air Conditioner:

  • How Old is Your Evaporative Cooler?

    Assuming the system has been regularly maintained, you can expect it to work for 10-15 years without any major issues. If it is older than 10 years and has not been regularly maintained, a replacement could be a less costly solution.

  • Are Your Energy Bills Increasing?

    A Ducted Evaporative Cooler consumes 50% less energy compared to an Air Conditioner of similar capacity. But without regular maintenance, Evaporative Coolers can become inefficient, and energy costs will start to climb. It might not be worth it to carry out repairs.

  • Are You Repairing Your Evaporative Cooler Frequently?

    Evaporative Coolers are often the best option because of their simplistic nature, but they can become an unavoidable headache when breakdowns become frequent. You’ll find yourself repairing the system more and more often.

Evaporative cooling replacement cost

Interested in learning more about our exciting product range and reasonable prices? Simply give us a call on 1300 266 394 or visit our PROMOTION page.

How Much Does Evaporative Cooling Replacement Cost?

The price range of an Evaporative Cooler Replacement is roughly about $2000-$4000 installed. However, the exact price of an Evaporative Cooler changeover can depend on several key factors, such as:

  • The Brand of Your Evaporative Cooler

    Various brands manufacture Evaporative Coolers, and prices can vary between them. You can choose from some of the most affordable brands or opt for high-end, high-powered models.

  • The Size of Evaporative Cooling System

    Smaller units are ideal for cooling smaller areas, but you need a bigger unit to cool your entire house properly. The bigger the unit, the more expensive it will be. Feel free to speak with an expert at ComfyHome for help choosing the right size Evaporative Cooling system.

  • Existing Components

    Reusing existing ductworks, dropper, flashing and vent registers will save you money on installation. However, if there is any leakage or the ductwork is damaged in any way, the installation cost will increase.

  • Installation Complications

    The structure of your home may raise the complexity of installation, which will affect the replacement cost.

Why upgrade evaporative cooler

Why Upgrade Your Evaporative Cooling System?

While a repair may extend the life of your Evaporative Cooler temporarily, it may have suffered semi-permanent damage that will continue to leak money out of your pockets for a long time. Therefore, upgrading makes more financial sense in the long run. Here are some reasons why you should consider upgrading your Evaporative Cooler:

  • Energy Efficient

    Given that an Evaporative Cooling system uses 75 per cent less electricity compared to an AC, it is one of the most energy-efficient cooling solutions out there. However, newer models are even more energy-efficient.

  • Low Maintenance, Better Performance

    With new technology and fewer working parts, there is very little maintenance required for modern Evaporative Cooling models. They can reduce your home’s temperature effectively at a low annual cost.

  • Healthy & Eco-Friendly

    Unlike an air conditioner, an Evaporative Cooling unit does not dry out the air. This means you and your family can breathe fresh air that’s free from dust and other allergens. It is also an ideal eco-friendly option, as it doesn’t use harmful refrigerants like HCFCs and CFCs.

Evaporative Cooling Replacement FAQ's

Although Evaporative Cooling systems are built to last a long time, with an average service life of 15-20 years, they can struggle to cool efficiently due to a lack of proper maintenance. The lifespan of an Evap Cooler depends on factors such as:

  • Routine service and maintenance
  • Regular cleaning or replacing of filter pads
  • The frequency of Evaporative Cooler usage

It is best to replace your Evaporative Cooler if it is older than 15 years.

There is NO need to install new ductwork. As long as the existing ductwork has been designed properly and there is no visible damage, reusing it can save you money. In case there is any damage, we can also install new ductwork.

Replacing an Evaporative Cooler on a single-storey roof should take just half a day.

It might take longer if there is more work involved, such as replacement of ductwork, dropper or flashings.

From replacing the unit to cleaning up the mess once the job is done, you can rely on us to complete the project on time without compromising on quality.

At ComfyHome, we don’t have a one-brand sales approach. We can recommend a range of Evaporative Cooler brands that are proven, reputable and quality-guaranteed, including Breezair, Brivis and Braemar. This means we can help you find the right size and model that fits your home and needs.

Why Choose Us for Evaporative Cooling Replacement in Melbourne

ComfyHome Heating & Cooling adheres to a customer-centric approach in a bid to provide premium Melbourne Heating and Cooling solutions that fulfil your needs and align with your budget. We bring you convenience, affordability and quality of service you won’t find anywhere else.

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Our Happy Customers Say

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Reviewer icon Brian Miller From "Sunshine, Melbourne"

After so many repairs and many uncomfortable nights, I finally decided to replace my Evaporative Cooler. Called ComfyHome to replace our old rusty evaporative cooling. It turned out to be a great decision. They arrived on time, were polite and did a good replacement job. They also cleaned up all the mess before leaving. 10/10.

Reviewer icon Helen Lauf From "Dandenong, Melbourne"

This is the second time I have used ComfyHome. There was no other option than replacing my evaporative cooler. Anthony and his team arrived at the given time, completed the job, and left as if they were never here. I have gone with other companies but what I like about this company is that their willingness to help.

Reviewer icon Shelly William From "Carlton, Melbourne"

I am very pleased with the whole experience of working with ComfyHome. They are punctual, professional, and efficient. My evaporative system was making my life hell and they showed up with a perfect replacement solution. We have no hesitation in recommending my mother-in-law to have their evap cooling changeover with Comfyhome.

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