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Should I get gas ducted heating?

Gas ducted heating can be a very efficient method of heating a home or office. The heating unit can be placed in a discrete location outside, in the ceiling space or even under the house if there’s enough space. Ducts running either under the floor or through the ceiling deliver warm air to every space, creating a nice, even temperature. To determine the best system for your home or office, contact us here.

What is a “reverse cycle” system?

A Reverse Cycle system use refrigerant gas to produce either warm or cool air. A system generally has two major components, the indoor unit for the home or office, and an outdoor unit, commonly called the compressor. The compressor pumps refrigerant through pipes to the indoor unit, where air is blown over the pipes then out into the room. This can provide cool air, like a traditional air conditioner, or warm air if the cycle (gas flow) is reversed. Reverse Cycle systems can come in a variety of forms, from split-systems, to multi-head, to ducted. They also come in a range of power outputs. To find out what is most suited to your needs, contact us here.

What is an “add-on” cooling system?

An add-on cooling system is an attachment to a gas ducted heating system that provides refrigerated cooling to the existing duct network. This allows for heating and cooling through only one system and one controller, utilizing the efficiencies of gas heating and air conditioned cooling. Generally it is not something that can be fitted to an existing gas heating system, however, as the gas heater needs to be designed to allow greater airflow than is normally required. For more information please contact our specialists here.

What is zone control?

Zone control is a very good way to warm or cool a whole house, or just parts of it, with one central ducted system. With zone control your family can be comfortable in different rooms with their own personal settings. Our specialists can provide you with information on zone control and other features here..

What is a “multi-head” and where would I use it?

A multi-head is a split system with one large outdoor unit (compressor) and many indoor units connected to it. Some multi-head compressors can handle up to 6 or 7 indoor units (heads), depending on the power output of the compressor and the power consumption of the heads. A multi-head system is a convenient way to provide heating or cooling to 2 or 3 (or even 6 or 7) rooms with only one compressor, providing individual comfort without the need for a full ducted and zoned system. It is also a fantastic option where ducts cannot be run through the ceiling, like an apartment; or under the floor, as with a concrete slab foundation.

What’s the difference between refrigerated cooling and evaporative cooling?

A refrigerated cooling system uses the air already in the room, cools it and blows it around the room. For best effect and efficiency, the area it is cooling should be closed off from outside. It is a great option on hot days as the heat of the air outside is kept outside. An evaporative system takes the warm outside air, filters it and blows it over water-soaked pads, cooling the air, then out into the home or office. This provides fresh, clean, cool air to make you comfortable. For best effect and efficiency the room should have an open door or window to allow the flow of fresh air. Due to the range of cooling options and system strengths it is best to ask our specialists for further details here..