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Melbourne Gas Ducted Heater Installation


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Don’t forget to have your duct inspected!
Add Duct Inspection to Duct Cleaning for only $50
Replace it OR keep wasting?
pipe cleaning
Don’t forget to check your air ducts!!

Leaks on the ducts are not only affect the performance of your heating and cooling system, it will also take the outside dust and tiny chips, even rats or possums in your system and your house. What you can not see does not mean they are not exist!

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how evarporative cooling works
Evaporative cooler cool down the air

When the summer comes, we are all grateful to have the air conditioner at home. But when we got the bill, it was a bit hurt to see the numbers on it.

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Can Air Conditioning Really Influence Learning?

When it comes to learning, environmental factors can make a big difference to students of all ages. However, there’s another less visible factor that can also influence a learning environment for better or worse: air.

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What Is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning, or air-con, is a heating-cooling solution using a refrigerant gas. The gas heats up when it is compressed and cools down when it expands. In a reverse cycle system the refrigerant can be used to either heat or cool air. This heating/cooling technique has become a popular choice, especially when paired with solar power for reduced energy bills.

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How Do I Choose The Right Size Air Conditioner?

Summer is nearly getting to start and air conditioning is the basic necessity in every house or building, but Choose the right air conditioning system for the house or building is always a challenge. if you know few things before buy the air conditioning unit then it will be easy for you to select the best one.

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Advantages of reverse cycle aircon?

Australia is one of the luckiest countries in the world, where we enjoy the best climates for the whole year includes summer and mild winter. But there are still several months when it is chilli or cold during time and sometime even freezing, especially in the night and morning time. That’s why reverse cycle air conditioning is made for that time. There are many advantages of the reverse cycle air conditioning.

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change the temperature
What You Need to Know About Heating and Cooling

In Australia, as we know that summer is getting start now and December and January are the hottest months of every year. Before the summer getting start, your heating cooling unit needs to be service on time and working fine.

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mobile control air-conditioning
What Are the Advantages of Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooler is ideally suitable for southern states of Australia and will provide comfort conditions in most areas. Although evaporative cooler remains one of the older forms of climate control which exists today, it also happens to be one of the most beneficial.

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Winter is nearly over. The days are slowly getting warmer, but there’s still a bitter chill in the air. Old heaters have been running all winter and may start to struggle. Has your system been serviced this year? Ensure your gas heater is serviced every year and that carbon monoxide levels are checked, especially for heaters that are internal. Carbon monoxide is a toxic, odorless, colorless gas that is caused by incomplete burning of fuel materials, such as wood, gas, and petrol.

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evaporative cooling repairs melbourne
Spring Cleaning or Spring Cooling?

Spring starts soon. You’re probably still running the heating and thinking all is fine, but have you looked to the future? Records from the Bureau of Meteorology show that average temperatures are increasing over the years. This means hot weather is coming. It seems that nearly every other year there’s a record-breaking day, month, or season. It’s all fine if you’re in an office all day with air conditioning, but what are you going to do when you get home? There are a number of options when it comes to staying cool. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Tips to reduce your power bills

Getting high power bills? Using air conditioning for heating or cooling uses electricity and with the constant rate rise it can seem that staying comfortable is too expensive. But there are ways to reduce power use, lowering your bills.

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