Best Air Conditioning Brands in Australia

It is essential to have an air conditioner for your Melbourne home to avoid sweltering heat outside. No wonder why this blissful coolness provider has become one of the most in-demand appliances for Melbournians. However, it is important to trust the best air conditioning brand because buying or upgrading to an AC is a worthwhile investment.

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As there are numerous air conditioning brands in Australia, various aspects come into play when deciding the best brands available on the market. If you already have chosen a brand, please read this informative piece on considering factors before buying an air conditioner.

To help you purchase the right cooling system, below are some of Australia’s most reputable brands that provide value for money and efficiency.

Which Air Conditioner Brand is Best for Melbourne?

As there are many options to choose from, ComfyHome has made a list of leading air conditioning brands in Melbourne that are more than capable of handling the cooling demands placed on them. So, let’s take a look at them:

Daikin Air Conditioning

Daikin has been operating in Australia for well over 50 years and is regarded as one of the premium brands in the AC industry. You probably won’t notice any buzz about Daikin repair, AC parts, and services because their units are well-built, robust, and don’t break down quickly. The brand offers a range of split systems and ducted air conditioning units.

Although the company has high-priced units (more features justify a higher price tag), they have introduced reliable, pocket-friendly ACs for many people. In addition, Daikin’s focus on environmental sustainability and delivering high-quality, effective units have made it a trusted brand among residential and commercial markets.

Why Choose Daikin?

  • Offers some of the best warranties
  • A wide selection of air conditioners for you to choose from
  • Temperature limiting feature reduces overuse of the system
  • Energy-efficient units
  • Quality after-sales support
  • A brand with a focus on improving environmental impact

Fujitsu Air Conditioning 

Fujitsu established its local headquarters in Australia in 1973. It didn’t take long for the brand to develop a reputation for its sleek design and energy-efficient air conditioning. As of now, it is among the leading air conditioning brands in Australia, primarily because of its commitment to customer satisfaction.

The brand offers intelligent features such as human sensor control to reduce energy consumption and make the system more economical to run. In addition, it offers reliability by incorporating the latest technology into its AC units. The brand provides a range of split systems, multi-systems, and ducted air conditioning systems.

Why Choose Fujitsu?

  • Wireless connectivity
  • High-quality, powerful AC units
  • Available in a comprehensive range of features and capacities
  • Built-in human sensor controls for reduced energy bills
  • Impressive visual appeal

ActronAir Air Conditioning

The inception of ActronAir from a small family business in 1984 turned into a reliable Australian air conditioning company that manufactures top-class air conditioners to meet the cooling needs of harsh climates of Australia.

To top their powerful units, they earn customers’ trust by offering an on-site call centre. Most importantly, their focus is primarily on designing energy-efficient units that can last longer. In addition, the brand offers an affordable range of split systems, multi-systems, and ducted air conditioning systems.

Why Choose ActronAir?

  • Local knowledge of Australian climate
  • Affordable pricing
  • Energy-efficient units
  • Peaceful and quiet operation


The Mitsubishi brand is popular in the Australian AC industry. Over the years, it has solidified its status as one of the most reliable aircon brands. It focuses primarily on energy efficiency and advanced AC technology. You need to know that Mitsubishi manufactures and sells AC units under the Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) name and not Mitsubishi Electric.

One of the primary reasons to go for this brand is energy efficiency. Customers prefer Mitsubishi systems because of their ability to maintain a constant airflow. Mitsubishi offers an affordable range of split systems, multi-systems, and ducted air conditioning systems.

Why Choose Mitsubishi?

  • The use of intelligent technology in most units
  • Energy efficient units
  • Reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Eco-friendly

Rinnai Air Conditioning

Rinnai has been successfully operating in Australia for over 45 years. Although it is mostly associated with their hot water solutions, the Japanese brand has made a name for itself by offering cheaper types of air conditioners.

Rinnai is not to be taken lightly in the energy-efficiency department. The brand’s range of residential and commercial aircon units is backed by advanced features. It offers an extensive range to choose from, with different types of sizes on offer. In addition, it offers split systems, multi-systems, ducted air conditioning systems, and evaporative cooling systems.

Why Choose Rinnai?

  • Durable units with convenient controls
  • Innovative, energy-efficient technology
  • Affordable
  • Environmentally friendly cooling options

Haier Air Conditioning

Although Haier started operating in Australia in 2015, the company was founded in China back in 1984. This reputable brand focuses on innovation to meet Australia’s harsh environment conditions and offers a range of AC units including split systems, multi-head systems, and ducted air conditioning systems.

 Why Choose Haier?

  • Use of smart technology
  • Easy to use controls
  • Economical air conditioning units
  • Fast and reliable customer support

Other Air Conditioning Brands In Australia

While the following air conditioning brands did not make our list, they may still be worth considering:

Consult With An Expert For Guidance

Finding the best air conditioner can be a difficult task, and there are important to consider various aspects when buying an air con in Australia. The brand name is important as your air conditioner is a worthwhile investment and other factors include energy efficiency, your budget, design, and features. You may also want to read this informative piece on what size of air conditioner you need.

If you have any queries related to finding the best air conditioner brand for your cooling needs, please feel free to contact ComfyHome. Our experts can help you make a calculated decision by drawing on their years of experience in the AC industry.

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