Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for ComfyHome Heating & Cooling website specifically mentioned that we are consistently and continually working towards safeguarding the privacy of every individual visiting our website. In case of any problem, query or question we would request you to contact us through and we would be glad to assist you whenever required.

This privacy policy talks about what all personal data we collect at the time you visit our website further we bring to your notice that where we will be storing the collected data and for what usage we will bring this data and what would be the timespan to which the collected data would be in our possession.

ComfyHome works online through a website which one could be able to access through

This policy should be considered as binding upon all the users who are visiting or accessing ComfyHome website; It is presumed that once you have confirmed the policy then you have read this policy, understood it clearly and accept as well that ComfyHome will be using the data as mentioned in these policies. In case you don’t comply with these policies or don’t want to continue then at any time you can leave this website. For instance, if you want to withdraw the content from the website then you can accordingly bring to our notice through the written email to our Head of Data Privacy.

Our policy provides the user all the information about how we collect the data, how we will use and where we will save the date and with whom we will share the data we follow, accept and respect Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) mentioned under the Privacy Act 1988 (the Privacy Act) and the National Privacy Principles which form part of the Privacy Act.

  1. Principles of Data Protection:

We are committed towards protecting your personal data, confidentiality of the data provided and we process all your data in the lawful and transparent manner further we will never store the data which is not of the use for us.

  1. Data Which Is Been Collected and Gathered

For the purpose of maintaining and working of the website we are required to collect following information:

  • We will collect your email ID, Name, Residential Address and contact number at the time you wish to visit our website or willing to gather any information or availing our services.
  • We usually collect the data to mark the delivery of any product or the services you are willing to avail.
  • In case we receive any call or email from you regarding any service or product query then we are required to collect several information to provide better assistance. These data could include your name, email address, contact number and in case of any product or services related issue we could collect the technical information which and when required.
  1. What We Do With the Personal Data Provided/ Collected

The personal data we collect we use to provide you with the services which may include delivering the products and services, understanding your requirements and providing you with the best and available offers from time to time.

We further use the provided in the evaluating and enhancing our customer experience and develop ourself in providing the best required services.

We further use the service to identify you as the potential customer to send across any customized offer available and we always keep all the information confidential.

  1. With Whom We Share the Collected Data

The data we collect is shared with the person in our team for the delivering and processing of the services that you want to get delivered and we share the data with the team to gather your reviews about the services delivered.

We will further retain your data for the stipulated period of time in our database and which will be automatically removed after that.

If you want to cancel the subscription of the services you are required to write to us and after cancelation and delegation of the account, we can retain the data for the period of one week from the date of deletion.

  1. Amendments to the Terms of the Terms of the Policy

We will be amending/ changing the polices on a time-to-time basis and as per the modifications. It should be expressly required by you to regularly check the policy and it will be presumed in case of any changes you are aware about at the time of accessing the website.

In case of any problems, quarry or questions about the privacy policy feel free to reach out to us we will reply to your concern at an earliest.

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