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Evaporative cooling melbourne

Evaporative Cooling Service Melbourne

Evaporative Cooling is a ducted cooling system that is situated on top of your roof with ducts connecting to rooms in your home to distribute cool air. It is the most common form of whole home air conditioning in most homes in Melbourne, primarily because of its incredibly low running costs. It’s the cheapest form of ducted cooling, and can be installed in almost any building. At ComfyHome, we provide a comprehensive evaporative cooling service in Melbourne, covering installation, maintenance and repairs. Call today on 1300 266 394 for a quote and premium, affordable service.


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Why Choose Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling is one of the cleanest and healthiest ways to cool your house. With Evaporative Cooling there is no need to keep the house shut up to stay cool. You can keep doors and windows open without worrying about heat getting in.

An Evaporative Cooling air conditioner is the healthiest way to cool your home. Particularly for people who suffer from hay fever, asthma or allergies, as it may help relieve some of their symptoms and it is always good to have a clean environment for your children.

Unlike refrigerated air conditioning, Evaporative Cooling air conditioning is based on a totally natural cooling process. There are no harmful refrigerant gases used to cool the air. It is also 50% cheaper to install and up to eight times cheaper to run than refrigerated cooling. Cool your entire home from as little as 5 cents per hour!


How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?

Ducted Evaporative Cooling provides discreet air-conditioned comfort to your home. the natural cooling properties of water to lower the temperature of a room. It can be installed or designed to fit into any style home. As the unit is installed onto the roof this is then connected via a series of ducts and outlets placed around your home. It brings the natural air from outside your home the air is then passed through the filter pads in the unit on your roof.

The air is then passed through the system and cooled down and passed through the vents or ducts in your home. The hotter the air, the better the cooling effect will be. The entire volume of air within the house is refreshed every few minutes when using an Evaporative Cooler. An Evaporative Cooler turns outside air into cool, fresh air.


What Are the Running Costs of an Evaporative Cooling Service in Melbourne?

Most of the top brands with higher star ratings Evaporative Cooling manufacturers have the highest rating and reduction of running costs across all Evaporative Cooling brands here in Australia. Evaporative Coolers are so efficient they often exceed MEPS (Minimum energy performance standard).

With the current climate, using an evaporative cooler Melbourne can allow you to enjoy a comfortable cool house during the summer, with lower running costs compared to standard efficiency ducted refrigerated systems. There are also flexible zoning options with ducted air-conditioning giving you the flexibility to heat or cool all rooms of your home differently this will also lead to more annual savings.


Why Choose ComfyHome Evaporative Cooling Melbourne for Your Home?

At ComfyHome Evaporative Cooling Melbourne, we are customer-focused, where quality and service come first. We are an approved dealer for major leading brands of Evaporative cooling products.
Whether your Evaporative cooling system has broken down, or you are looking at upgrading to a new system, ComfyHome Heating Cooling is dedicated to providing you with convenient and efficient service, as well as very competitive prices. Get an evaporative cooler Melbourne today and see the difference it makes for your home.

Why Choose ComfyHome's Evaporative Cooler Melbourne Service?

At ComfyHome, we take a customer-centric approach to heating and cooling services. We strive to provide premium Evaporative cooling Melbourne solutions that fulfill your needs and align with your budget. We also provide ducted heating services. We bring you convenience, affordability, and quality of service you won’t find anywhere else. Book our evaporative cooling service Melbourne today on 1300 266 394.