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Air Conditioner Replacement Melbourne

Quality AC Replacement Service in Melbourne – Backed by Over 40 Years of Experience

If you’re tired of repairing your old Air Conditioner and you’re ready to upgrade it, the experts at ComfyHome Heating & Cooling have you covered. We can assist with everything from recommending the best available Air Conditioner right through to installation.

As Melbourne’s most trusted and affordable Air Conditioner replacement/changeover experts, we can replace your older, inefficient AC. You can count on us to provide the superior Split System Air Conditioning services you deserve.

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Split system air conditioning replacement in Melbourne
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Split system air conditioning repair or replacement

Feeling confused about whether it’s BEST to repair or replace your beloved AC? Don’t worry. Give us a call on 1300 266 394 and our experts can recommend the right solution for your needs.

Air Conditioner Replace or Repair?

There comes a time when you have to make the decision to say goodbye to your older AC, or else continue spending money on costly repairs. These questions can help you make the right decision:

How Old is Your Air Conditioner?

The average lifespan of an Air Conditioner is about 10-20 years, depending on the quality of installation, regular maintenance history, and usage. Without a routine service history, performance and energy efficiency will decline. Either way, replacing your AC is recommended if it’s getting on in years.

Are You Noticing Cooling and Humidity Inconsistencies?

If your Air Conditioning unit is failing to maintain a consistent temperature or malfunctioning from time to time, the cost of repairing it might not be worthwhile. After all, repairing will only put these problems on hold for a few months.

Are You Repairing Your Air Conditioner Frequently?

If you haven’t been repairing your Air Conditioner frequently, a one-off repair is acceptable. However, if your Air Conditioner requires frequent repairs, you’re just delaying the inevitable – a huge breakdown, or worse – by wasting money on expensive repairs.

Split system air conditioning installation

We have the best product range and amazing prices for Air Conditioner Replacement in Melbourne. Call us on 1300 266 394 or visit our PROMOTION page.

How Much Does Air Conditioner Replacement Cost?

ComfyHome’s Split System Air Conditioner replacement service starts from just $1780 in Melbourne. The actual costs can vary due to factors such as:

  • The Brand of Aircon

    With so many aircon options available, the different makes and models of units can come with varying price tags. How much the aircon replacement costs will ultimately depend on the brand you choose.

  • Complexity of Installation

    The replacement costs also depend on how much cabling or piping is required, plus the unit’s location may also affect job complexity.

  • Equipment Size & Cooling Capacity

    For a room area of 10-20sqm, an AC unit of 2.5kW is ideal, while 6kW is recommended for a room area of 40sqm. In other words, the capacity output will increase the bigger a room is, and the cost will increase as well.

  • Upgrades to Your Electrical System

    If there is a need to upgrade your main switch board or even upgrade to 3 phrase power in order to bring more power into your home, this will add to the installation cost.

Why upgrade split system air conditioning

Why Upgrade Your Air Conditioner?

Technologically Advanced Air Conditioning is the main reason to upgrade your Air Conditioner. After all, why stick with an old, power-hungry AC when you can get an upgrade that’s quieter, can be controlled remotely, and is much cheaper to run. Here are some of the many benefits of upgrading to a better, more energy-efficient Air Conditioner:

  • Lower Energy Costs

    While older AC units have SEER ratings of 10 or lower, Advanced Air Conditioning systems are more efficient and can go as high as 23. With lower power consumption, you can enjoy a cool and relaxed environment with reduced energy bills.

  • Reduced Noise and Enhanced Comfort

    Older Air Conditioners usually rattle and produce irritating noises. The latest AC units guarantee silent operation. Upgraded AC units are also capable of maintaining a constant temperature, delivering consistent airflow, and controlling humidity for much-improved comfort.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

    Sticking with an older AC will cost you a lot of money in the form of higher maintenance and repair costs. On the other hand, Advanced Air Conditioning units last longer and require minimal maintenance over their lifetime.

Air Conditioner Replacement FAQ's

In general, Air Conditioners last for a good 10-20 years. However, many factors can contribute to an Air Conditioner’s lifespan, such as:

  • The brand you choose
  • Installation by a licensed professional
  • Regular maintenance

Lack of maintenance is the number one cause behind Air Conditioner breakdowns and lower life expectancy. Therefore, you should consider replacing your Air Conditioner if it requires frequent repairs and is older than 15 years.

A standard measurement is to multiply the room area by a factor of 0.15 in order to obtain the required power for an Air Conditioning unit. If you’re trying to cool 10-20 sqm, then a 2.5kW unit will suffice as it will produce less noise and use less electricity than larger cooling systems, making it more cost-efficient.

Contact us for an accurate estimate of what size Air Conditioner you need for your home.

Simple Split System replacement/changeover usually takes just half a day. ComfyHome always informs clients about the approximate timeframe before scheduling their job for AC replacement in Melbourne.

We’re not like our competitors in Melbourne who are stuck with a single supplier dealership. ComfyHome Heating & Cooling offers the latest renowned brands available on today’s market, including:

Why Choose Us for Air Conditioner Replacement in Melbourne

ComfyHome Heating & Cooling adheres to a customer-centric approach in a bid to provide premium Melbourne heating and cooling solutions that fulfil your needs and align with your budget. We bring you convenience, affordability and quality of service you won’t find anywhere else.

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Our Happy Customers Say

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Reviewer icon Aurelie Thomas From "Williamstown - Melbourne"

This is the first time I used ComfyHome and it proved to be the right decision. Nick and Leo are professional and respectful. They arrived on time, wore masks the entire time and completed the replacement job. They explained everything at the end and were very qualified technicians. They also cleaned everything up when they left.

Reviewer icon Danni Adam From "Sunbury - Melbourne"

There was a little musty smell coming from my AC. I didn’t want to spend on another repair. So I called Adrian and he came out and replaced the AC in no time. ComfyHome gives such great service and their people they have sent out are polite and professional. This time since the covid19, they followed all safety protocols.

Reviewer icon Artie William From "Melton - Melbourne"

I would like to thank Roger for the knowledge, professionalism, and great attention to detail provided while performing AC replacement for me. He took time to explain to me in detail what the issue with my AC was, as well as how replacing it would help me reduce my ever rising energy bills. Highly recommended!

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