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Ducted heating and cooling is the best way to keep your home comfortable year-round. ComfyHome provide ducted heating and cooling Melbourne, helping you get a ducted system that meets your needs for heating and cooling. Whether your system needs repairs or you need a new ducted system installed our team can help you, providing a tailored solution specific to your situation. We’re focused on providing a fantastic service for you, working hard to make sure you get the results you’re looking for, as well as a system that will run smoothly for years to come. Call today for a quote.


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    Why Choose Ducted Heating and Cooling

    There are several options for ducted heating and cooling, including evaporative cooling, ducted gas heating and refrigerated ducted cooling, and ducted air conditioning. It’s not only a great way to heat and cool your home or business, but is energy efficient and cheaper than many alternatives. It provides a quiet, easy to use climate control solution for an entire building. Adjust the thermostat to change the temperature of your property, or use zone control to change the temperature of different rooms individually. The choice is up to you. Many of our tailored ducted systems are designed to be flexible, allowing them to be changed and customised to suit specific applications. Talk to our team today for a tailored solution for your home or business.


    How Do Ducted Systems Work?

    While there are a number of different ducted systems available, each system works by pushing hot and cold air through ducts in your property’s ceiling, walls or floors. A heating/cooling unit or condenser is placed either outside your home or in your roof, and is connected to the ducts. This way it is able to provide heating and cooling to any room easily, any time of the year. Many modern ducted systems even come equipped with air filters to help clean the air in your home, removing contaminants and humidity.


    Ducted Heating and Cooling Systems Available

    At ComfyHome we work with a range of ducted heating and cooling systems.

    • Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning
      • These systems can both heat and cool, operating from a single condenser placed somewhere in the building. This is the most popular form of ducted heating and cooling, as it provides both hot and cold air while being convenient and efficient. They can heat and cool multiple rooms, and modern systems will even allow you to control the temperature of a whole building through your smartphone.
    • Evaporative Ducted Cooling
      • A cheap and effective form of cooling, ducted evaporative cooling works through a cooling unit placed on the roof of a building. It is easy to use, simply pushing cooled air through your home through ducts. While it won’t heat your home, evaporative cooling is cheap to install and operate, perfect for homes and businesses in warmer areas.
    •  Gas Ducted Heating
      • Like the name suggest, gas ducted heating uses a gas heater to heat the air and push it throughout your home. These systems are efficient, effective and economic, requiring little energy and helping you save money on heating.

    Choose ComfyHome for Ducted Heating and Cooling Melbourne

    ComfyHome provide you with a comprehensive ducted heating and cooling service. We offer installation, repairs, maintenance and servicing to keep your home or business comfortable all year round. We work with all major brands, allowing us to repair and maintain systems easily. We can even supply new systems for installation, bringing you great deals on new systems. With a 6-year installation guarantee and a 7-year manufacturer guarantee, you can have complete peace of mind that your ducted heating system Melbourne will work when you need it most. If you’re looking for an air conditioning specialist that cares about your needs, and can provide a system tailored for your home or business, call ComfyHome today on 1300 266 394 for a quote.