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Rinnai Australia has been providing the Australian market with quality heating and cooling systems for over 50 years, making them a trusted choice for maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home. You can rely on a Rinnai Ducted Air Conditioner or other heating and cooling system to deliver reliable performance coupled with excellent efficiency.

At ComfyHome Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of Rinnai heating and cooling systems for your home. We can supply and install the perfect Rinnai split system that takes your needs and budget into account, as well as providing a Rinnai Air Conditioner service.

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Rinnai Q Series Split System Air Conditioning

Rinnai Q Series Split System

Enjoy all year round comfort with a Rinnai Q Series Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner. This series makes use of state-of-the-art inverter technology, allowing you to efficiently heat and cool your home with seamless control.

  • Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
  • Cooling Capacities: 2.5kW, 3.4kW, 5.2kW, 7.0kW, 8.0kW
  • Heating Capacities: 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5.0kW, 7.0kW, 8.4kW
  • Refrigerant : R32
  • Performing Temperature: -15°C ~ 52°C
  • Up to 5 Star Energy Rating
  • Wi-Fi Control
Rinnai D Series Split System Air Conditioning

Rinnai D Series Split System

The Rinnai D Series boasts an intelligent design, with a turbo function that allows for efficient heating and cooling. Other benefits include a dehumidifying mode to reduce humidity levels, and easy maintenance due to the indoor unit enabling easy access.

  • Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
  • Cooling Capacities: 2.6kW, 3.5kW, 5.0kW, 7.0kW, 8.0kW
  • Heating Capacities: 2.8kW, 3.7kW, 5.0kW, 7.5kW, 8.0kW
  • Refrigerant : R32
  • Performing Temperature: -15°C ~ 52°C
  • Seamless Installation and Simple Maintenance
  • Wi-Fi Control
Rinnai J Series Split System Air Conditioning

Rinnai J Series Split System

The Rinnai J Series is a Wi-Fi compatible system that features a high-density air filter, ensuring the freshest air when heating or cooling your home. It also boasts a special fresh function that reduces excess moisture for improved performance and hygiene.

  • Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
  • Cooling Capacities: 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5.0kW, 7.0kW, 8.0kW
  • Heating Capacities: 2.7kW, 4.0kW, 5.0kW, 8.2kW, 8.4kW
  • Refrigerant : R32
  • Performing Temperature: -15°C ~ 52°C
  • Energy Efficient Inverter Technology
  • High Density Air Filter
Rinnai Inverter Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Rinnai Inverter Multi-Slim Ducted

When you need heating and cooling in multiple rooms, the Rinnai Multi split is an ideal choice. It allows for five individual rooms to be cooled and heated through a single outdoor unit. The compact indoor unit is suitable for tight spaces and has excellent acoustic properties, with flexible installation options also available.

  • Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
  • Cooling Capacities: 2.6kW, 3.5kW, 5.2kW, 7.1kW
  • Heating Capacities: 2.9kW, 3.3kW, 5.5kW, 7.3kW
  • Refrigerant : R32
  • Performing Temperature: 0°C ~ 32°C
  • Up to 5 Individual Rooms
  • Non-Obtrusive to Your Architectural Designs
Rinnai Inverter Multi Split Air Conditioning

Rinnai Inverter Multi-Wall Mounted

The Inverter Multi-Wall Mounted series from Rinnai boasts an innovative design with no shortage of features. This series delivers the best experience for complete home comfort, with Wi-Fi control available so you can adjust the temperature from wherever you are.

  • Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
  • Cooling Capacities: 2.0kW, 2.6kW, 3.5kW, 5.2kW, 7.0kW
  • Heating Capacities: 2.3kW, 2.8kW, 3.8kW, 5.1kW, 7.5kW
  • Refrigerant : R32
  • Performing Temperature: 0°C ~ 30°C
  • Turbo Function to Quickly Cool in Summer or Swiftly Warm in Winter
  • Wi-Fi Control – Controlled by a Mobile Device
Rinnai Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning from Rinnai is an excellent choice when you need powerful heating and cooling of your home. Installed in the roof cavity, this system operates quietly thanks to its efficient indoor fans and DC compressor. It also boasts excellent energy efficiency ratings as well as optional Wi-Fi control, a compact design, and a programmable controller.

  • Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
  • Cooling Capacities: 7.1kW, 10.3kW, 12.7kW, 14.2kW, 16.7kW
  • Heating Capacities: 8.2kW, 10.3kW, 14.4kW, 17.3kW, 17.5kW
  • Refrigerant : R410
  • Performing Temperature: -15°C ~ 50°C
  • Whole Home Coverage with Wi-Fi Control
  • 3D DC Inverter Ducted System
Rinnai Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Rinnai 20 & 24 kW Ducted Reverse Cycle

When you need an efficient Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner for a larger home, this is the ideal choice. Rinnai’s Ducted Reverse Cycle Inverter System is available in powerful 20kW and 24kW options, making it easier than ever to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

  • Reverse Cycle (Heating & Cooling)
  • Cooling Capacities: 20kW, 23.5kW
  • Heating Capacities: 20kW, 25kW
  • Refrigerant : R410A
  • Performing Temperature: -15°C ~ 46°C
  • Powerful Output for Larger Homes
  • Fast Temperature Control with 3D DC Synchronisation Technology
Rinnai A Series Evaporative Cooler

Rinnai A Series Evaporative Cooler

The A Series from Rinnai boasts a modern design and a sloping trough that’s designed to keep water continually circulating. It also has variable fan speed settings and a larger cooling pad surface area, making it a great choice for keeping larger homes cool.

  • 3 Colours Available – Charcoal, Terra Red, Beige
  • High Capacity, High Airflow
  • Contain a Motorised Winter Seal
  • Outer Case Constructed from UV Protected Plastic
  • Up to 9 Years Warranty*
Rinnai C Series Evaporative Cooler

Rinnai C Series Evaporative Cooler

The sleek Rinnai C Series is one of the most advanced Evaporative Coolers in its class, by delivering volumes of refreshing cool air without the large profile of traditional coolers. Designed to consistently deliver clean air, the pre-wet cycle allows for fresh water to enter the cooler and begin soaking the cooling pads before the fan starts.

  • 3 Colours Available – Charcoal, Terra Red, Beige
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Self-Cleaning Water Pump
  • UV Protected Plastic Casing
  • Up to 9 Years Warranty*

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Regular Heating and Cooling Service and Maintenance

Rinnai AC Service & Maintenance

To ensure your system operates as efficiently as possible, a regular Rinnai Air Conditioner service is recommended. We also suggest DIY maintenance to clean air filters after getting Rinnai split system installation.  Filters should be cleaned at least once a year to stop dust and dirt from building up in your system.

ComfyHome Heating & Cooling is available to perform servicing for all Rinnai heating and cooling systems, including split systems, ducted systems and more.  From repairs through to regular maintenance, we can attend to any job and get the work done without voiding your warranty.

Rinnai Air Conditioning Warranty

Rinnai Air Conditioning Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind when you sign up for Rinnai’s Service Advantage Program. This program enables you to extend your Evaporative Air Cooler standard 5 year parts and labour warranty by a further 4 years. All you need to do is register your system and get it serviced as required through our National Service Network.

Every Rinnai split system Air Conditioning, Multi-Split system and Ducted Refrigerated system installed by ComfyHome Heating & Cooling is covered a 5-year pars and labour warranty.

ComfyHome Heating & Cooling provides first-class service and maintenance of your system, ensuring it’s running at peak efficiency so you can enjoy the Rinnai experience for many years to come.

Rinnai Air Conditioning FAQ's

The Split System Air Conditioning size you need will depend on a number of factors, with the main consideration being room size. The table below gives you a rough idea of the capacity needed for different sized rooms.

For an accurate assessment of the required split system Air Conditioning unit size, we recommend you CONTACT US 1300 266 394  for a detailed analysis.

It’s a good idea to service your Air Conditioner at least once a year. This will ensure your Air Conditioner filter won’t become blocked. Filter replacement may be required if you notice a drop in your system’s efficiency, helping to lower energy consumption by up to 15%.

To arrange a service for your Rinnai Air Conditioner, contact ComfyHome Heating & Cooling today! Give us a call on 1300 266 394.

Rinnai Air Conditioning has affordable options available to suit most environments, from small apartments through to large open-plan homes. Whether you need to cool a single room or a whole house, Rinnai has air conditioning systems available to suit different price points, with prices starting from just $660.

Yes, Rinnai Evaporative Coolers are an efficient choice because the use the natural process of evaporation to reduce temperatures. Compared to Ducted Refrigerated systems, Evaporative Coolers are up to 75% more efficient to operate.

Rinnai systems are also better for the environment, with fewer greenhouse gas emissions and no synthetic refrigerants used. This makes them great for both the environment as well as your family.

Why Choose Rinnai Air Conditioning?

Innovative technology icon
Innovative Features

Whether you opt for Rinnai split system installation or Rinnai portable air conditioner installation, you’ll benefit from the latest innovative features.

Australian made icon
Australian Made

With three manufacturing plants based in Australia, you can have peace of mind knowing your Rinnai system has been made to the highest standards of quality.

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Excellent Efficiency

Rinnai heating and cooling systems boast excellent energy efficiency, allowing you to do your bit for the environment while saving on your power bills.

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Wide Product Range

Choose from an impressive range of Rinnai Air Conditioning systems to suit your home, including split systems, evaporative coolers and ducted systems

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ComfyHome services range from sales and installation of a comprehensive range of heating and air conditioning systems through to servicing and repairs to keep your system working optimally.

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Reviewer icon Rita Harris From "Balwyn North, Melbourne"

Recommend ComfyHome Heating Cooling for air conditioning installation in Melbourne! Price is reasonable, quote description is clear! Fantastic aircon installation Team without any trouble. They are polite, knowledgeable and finish the job very quick without any rubbish onsite. I installed 2 Rinnai split systems in our home, they are working well Very Happy!

Reviewer icon Lynn Cook From "Maidstone, Melbourne"

Supper happy experience with ComfyHome Heating Cooling. Great website to see products and detailed information about air conditioning. Great price for the installation of Rinnai Q Series 5.0kw Air Conditioning! Office staff, especially Rob is very nice and helpful. Installation was done by professional ComfyHome team amazingly. Good Rinnai product, Good HVAC Service!

Reviewer icon John M From "Richmond, Melbourne"

ComfyHome replaced our old aircon by Rinnai Q series 2.5 split system. Couldn’t be happier. The entire processing from quote to installation was well managed and quick. Installers from ComfyHome were supper professional and show us how to use the system and how to clean air filter by ourselves. Great service and so pleased to have a new system before hot days arrive.

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