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Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning is the best form of air conditioning available on the market. It includes both heating and cooling, runs solely on electricity, and is a whole home solution using inverter technology. A unit is installed outside your home and connected via a series of ducts that distribute cool air throughout your home.


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    Why Choose Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

    Ducted refrigerated air conditioning provides quiet, unobtrusive climate control. Heat is distributed during winter, while cool air is circulated during summer. Comfyhome Heating Cooling is the leader for heating & cooling. Our qualified specialists will advise you on the best system to fit any size requirement for home or business.

    Inverter technology is your key to year-round comfort, whatever the conditions. By more precisely controlling the compressor rotation speed, this technology provides high-speed heating, cooling and comfort with extra energy savings compared to non-inverter models.


    How Does Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Work?

    A condenser unit is positioned outside your home, connecting to ducts that distribute the refrigerated air through your home.

    Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning provides refrigerated heating and cooling throughout yourhome with a comfortable temperature all year-round, regardless of the weather conditions. Whilst cooling your home it first filters the air and removes humidity.

    Heating is provided by reversing the operation of the air conditioner. Instead of expelling the hot air and circulating cool air, it does the reverse this is where the name Reverse Cycle air conditioning came from.

    What Are The Running Costs With Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

    For an idea of ducted air conditioning running costs, and assuming an electricity usage rate of 35c/kWh you could expect to outlay in the region of around $3/hour to keep cool in summer, and $1.85/hour to stay warm in winter. These figures will also depend on the energy efficiency of your system and how many zones or rooms you want cooled/heated.

    There are ways to reduce running costs:


    Zone systems do cost more than standard systems but allow you to cool or warm few rooms at a time as you like, which could dramatically lower your running costs without sacrificing your personal comfort, especially in a larger home with several bedrooms.


    Energy rating of your ducted system will also play a big part in the overall running costs.


    Your ducted system could become more energy efficient by using Solar Power storage when operating.

    Our Recommendation

    Our ducted residential heating and cooling systems are completely flexible and can be customised for any application. We suggest you consider superior brands such as Daikin for their energy efficient advanced inverter technology.

    System Sizing (Estimated size of rooms)

    • 7-10 Kw – Small house
    • 12-14 Kw – Medium house
    • 17-25 Kw- Large house

    The costs for full installation of ducted refrigeration air conditioning depend on the capacity kw of the unit, the zone designs, the quantity of outlets and the complexity of the job itself.

    For more details regarding what products are most suitable for your home, call us at 1300 266 394 for a free quote from our highly experienced sales specialist at Comfyhome