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What is Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning is the ultimate 1-stop solution for whole home heating & cooling in Melbourne. This system runs on electricity and uses efficient inverter technology to provide heating and cooling in one, meaning there’s no need to install separate heating and cooling systems.

Ducted Air Conditioning in Melbourne is a popular choice as it isn’t affected by humidity levels, which can often fluctuate. It’s also a form of ducted air conditioning, allowing for whole-home heating and cooling.

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How Does Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning work?

In a Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning system, an outdoor unit (Condenser) is positioned outside the house, an indoor unit (Central Fan Coil) is concealed in your roof cavity and connected to a network of ducts running through your home.

This form of Refrigerated Air Conditioning filters air to improve air quality and also reduces humidity, making it a better choice for humid climates such as Melbourne. It also boasts a heating function as well, making it easy to maintain the perfect temperature no matter the time of year.

Ducted Air Conditioning is also known as reverse cycle air conditioning due to its ability to reverse its function to deliver heated air. It works just like a Split System, the cooling function can take out warm air and replace it with cooled air, while the heating function achieves the opposite.

Save 10% running costs by setting A/C 1 degree lower

What Are the Running Costs of Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

A standard Ducted Air Conditioning costs around $1.5/hour to cool in summer, and $1.2/hour to heat in winter.

However, the running cost may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Size icon

    Home Size

    The bigger the house, the higher capacity (kW) Ducted AC if required, the higher the running cost it will be.

  • Star rating icon

    Energy Star Rating

    Energy rating determines how efficiently your system uses energy, with higher star ratings resulting in better savings.

  • Installation icon


    The better insulated a house is, the less a ducted air con system will have to work, resulting in lower running costs.

  • Zoning icon

    Zoning Capability

    Zoning options allow you to only heat/cool the zones you need rather than the whole house resulting in bills savings.

Also, there are a broad range of Ducted Air Conditioning brands & models in Melbourne which may result in different running costs.

Why choose ducted refrigerated air conditioning

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Why Choose Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning is the most efficient form of cooling system in Melbourne. Here are some reasons why ducted refrigerated cooling systems are such a popular choice:

  • Heat cool icon

    Able to Heat & Cool

    Why pay for separate heating and cooling systems installation when Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning can do it all?

  • Zoning icon

    Zoning Available

    Zoning allows you to set different temperatures in different areas of your home, keeping the whole family comfortable.

  • Quiet icon

    Quiet Operation

    Ducted Air Conditioning is so far the quietest system because the unit is placed in the roof / outside the house.

  • Solar power icon

    Works Well with Solar Power

    Ducted Air Conditioning runs on electricity, enjoy great cost savings if you have a solar panel system installed!

Supply & Installation Costs of Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

A typical example of a 12.5kW Ducted Reverse Cycle System installed to 5 outlets should cost around $7,000 to $9,000 in Melbourne.

To calculate the cost of installing a ducted refrigerated cooling system, below are the main factors;

  • Unit cost icon

    Unit Cost

    Ducted refrigerated systems are available in different brands, sizes and energy star ratings, each with different costs across Melbourne.

  • Installation cost icon

    Installation Cost

    Single storey or multi storey home? How many outlets? Is zoning required? Complex installation may result in higher installation cost.


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Ducted Refrigerated AC FAQ's

Unlike our competitors in Melbourne with a fixed dealership on a particular brand.

ComfyHome offers a wide range of Ducted Air Conditioning brands that are proven, reputable & quality guaranteed as per below listed;

Rather than one brand sales approach, we focus in specialised personal approach that fit your home and your needs.

Yes, there are many different terms for Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning such as Ducted Reverse-Cycle, Ducted Air Conditioning, Ducted Air Con, Ducted Heating & Cooling etc… They ALL means the same thing.

The formula to find out the approx. size of Ducted Air Conditioning for your home is:

Day Time Cooling Area(m²) x 150 watts = Size Capacity Required (kW)
For a day time cooling area of 100 m², the ideal size of your Ducted Air Conditioning will be (100m² x 0.15= 15 kW).

Please note that the formula is for reference ONLY, the actual size of Ducted Air Conditioning required can also be affected by other variables like the ceiling height, roof insulation, the Rating of duct insulation, number of occupants and residents’ location etc…
For an accurate assessment of the required Ducted Air Conditioning size, we recommend you Contact Us for a detailed analysis.

Generally, it should take around 1-2 days for new installation of a Ducted Air Conditioning System with 5-10 outlets.

The actual timeframe may vary depends on some of the following factors;

  • How many outlets / vents are required in the installation?
  • Where will the outdoor condenser and indoor unit be installed?
  • Will zoning be added to the Ducted Air Conditioning System?

We will advise you an estimate of timeframe of installation prior to commence of work.

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ComfyHome Heating & Cooling adheres to a customer-centric approach in a bid to provide premium Melbourne heating and cooling solutions that fulfil your needs and align with your budget. We bring you convenience, affordability and quality of service you won’t find anywhere else.

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ComfyHome services range from sales and installation of a comprehensive range of heating and air conditioning systems through to servicing and repairs to keep your system working optimally.

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Reviewer icon Amman T From "Werribee - Melbourne"

This company is awesome! Thanks so much for installing ducted air conditioning to my house. Heating and Cooling system with awesome design, good features, and performance with zoning and wifi app. The quotation from ComfyHome Heating and Cooling is the cheapest from 3 quotes I have got. A professional, honest, and friendly team! Highly recommend.

Reviewer icon Graham H From "Epping - Melbourne"

Great Ducted air conditioning Service from ComfyHome Heating Cooling! Technician Alex was patient and listening all our needs and what we requested. He is also professional, knowledgeable, and answered all our questions nicely. Our Fujitsu ducted refrigerated system serviced well with Alex and I will definitely back to Comfyhome for next service!

Reviewer icon Mandy Ellison From "Hoppers Crossing - Melbourne"

We recently installed Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning to our new house with great deal from ComfyHome Heating Cooling. From quotation to Installation, the whole process was very quick and professional. Thanks, Louis, for your fast quotation with good suggestion on how to get the best result for the best value. Installers were amazing. Great Job!

Reviewer icon Sarah B From "Reservior - Melbourne"

I was impressed by this company – prompt communication, a good quote and speedy install time. They also provide best after sale service. A Huge shout out to Alex B, a technician from ComfyHome Heating Cooling and came a couple times to fix our installation issue, plus clearly communicated the issues in simple terms and did a very friendly professional job.

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