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What is Gas Ducted Heating?

Gas Ducted Heating is a very popular option in Melbourne for heating the home. Ducted heating systems make use of gas to heat air that’s then distributed throughout the rooms of a house via a system of ducts.

In addition to being one of the most cost-effective and efficient forms of heating available, Gas Ducted Heating is a versatile option, with ducts able to be installed in either the roof or floor cavity.

Add-On Cooling is also available for ducted heating systems, ensuring comfortable temperatures all-year round.


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    How Does Gas Ducted Heating Work?

    Gas Ducted Heating is a whole house heating solution that works via a series of ducts installed in the roof or floor.

    Heated air is produced from a central heating unit that draws air from the return air grill inside your home and passes it through a gas heat exchanger, which efficiently heats the air. A fan then pushes the heated air through the ducted system for an energy efficient heating solution.

    Gas Ducted Heating is regulated with a controller that allows you to set your desired temperature. Your gas heating system will then automatically turn on and off to maintain this temperature.

    HINT – Gas Ducted Heating works best with floor vents, offering superior heat delivery! Hot air rises, cool air sinks, following the natural pattern of air flow.

    Annual Energy Running Costs (Chart)


    Data reference from Sustainability Victoria The calculations are based on an average 2-star house in a Melbourne climate. To estimate the running cost for a cold climate, such as Ballarat, multiply these figures by 1.3. For a warm climate, such as Mildura, multiply these figures by 0.7. To estimate the running cost for a 5-star house in a Melbourne climate multiply these figures by 0.4. For a 6-Star house multiply these figures by 0.3.

    What Are The running Costs of Gas Ducted Heating?

    Gas Ducted Heating has the lowest running cost for whole house heating as it runs on natural gas, and gas is always more cost-effective than electricity in Melbourne.

    However, the running cost of Ducted Gas Heating varies widely depending on some of the factors below:

    • Size of Your Home – The bigger the house, the higher output (Kw) is required, leading to higher annual running costs.
    • Energy Star Rating – Gas ducted heaters have an energy rating of between 3 and 7 stars. A higher rating represents better energy efficiency and results in a lower running cost.
    • Zoning Capability – Zoning options allow you to only heat the zones you need rather than the whole house so you can save money on your energy bills.
    • Temperature Setting – With higher temperatures come higher costs due to the extra energy required to maintain the desired temperature.

    The cost of running Gas Ducted Heater can also vary depending on the brand and model of your ducted heating system. ComfyHome will help you select a suitable system based on your needs and budgets

    To learn more about the running cost of Gas Ducted Heating in Melbourne or to explore other heating options, speak to one of our friendly HVAC specialists on 1300 266 394.


    Why Choose Gas Ducted Heating?

    Gas Ducted Heating is the most popular heating option in Melbourne, providing an effective and affordable way to heat your entire house.

    • Low Running Cost – Gas is cheaper than electricity in Melbourne, resulting in lower running costs compared to Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning.
    • High Energy Efficiency – With up to 7-star energy rating models available, you can get a high efficiency system that uses less energy, providing you with long-terms savings over the life of the heater.
    • Fast Warm Up – It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside; Gas Ducted Heating will have your whole home feeling toasty warm at the touch of a button.
    • Zone Control Available – Create a combination of zoning systems throughout your house, with your Gas Ducted Heating installation allowing you to control up to four individual zones – each with their own timers, temperature settings and reduced running costs.
    • Add-On Cooling Available – Add-On Cooling is a great way to combine heating and cooling within the same ducting system to keep you comfortable all-year round.

    To find out more about Gas Ducted Heating or alternative heating solutions, contact ComfyHome Heating & Cooling today on 1300 266 394 or submit a Free Quote Form Online.


    Supply & Installation Costs of Gas Ducted Heating

    A typical example of a 20kW, 3 star rating Gas Ducted Heating System installed to 8 outlets should cost around $3000 to $4000 in Melbourne.

    Some factors that will affect the cost of Ducted Heating installation include:

    • House Size – The larger the area of your floor, the higher the capacity (kW) of gas heater you will need.
    • Energy Star Rating – Energy star ratings of a heater range between 3 and 7 in Melbourne. The more efficient the system is, the more the initial cost will be.
    • Installation Difficulty – A multi-storey home may require a more complex installation of vertical ducting, which can add on to the initial installation cost.
    • Zone Control – Zoning control can help you save money on your energy bills, but extra costs can apply for installing a zone system in ducted heating.

    So, how much exactly does Gas Ducted Heating installation in Melbourne cost? The professionals at ComfyHome Heating & Cooling will walk you through the average costs of installing Gas Ducted Heating and help you select a ducted heating system that fits within your budget and needs. Contact us today for a no-obligation free quote.

    Book a FREE onsite consultation today for a truly comprehensive Gas Ducted Heating installation in Melbourne. Contact ComfyHome now on 1300 266 394 or submit a Free Quote Form Online.