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What is a Split System?

Split Systems combines heating and air conditioning in one, providing a convenient solution for heating and cooling your home. Split System installation consists of two separate units: a wall mounted (Indoor Unit) installed inside and a condenser (Outdoor Unit) installed outside. These components work together to keep you comfort all-year-round.

Split System is an excellent choice for small homes and apartments in Melbourne. No ducts are required to be installed, making Split System Air Conditioner installation a simple and straightforward solution.

Multi-Head Split System is also available for more rooms heating & cooling solution.

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How split system air conditioning works

How Does A Split System work?

The Way Split Systems Work Is All In The Name the system is split into two parts, with a condenser unit installed outside and a fan coil unit installed inside.

For cooling, the fan coil takes in and removes warm air from inside a room, replacing it with cool air. On the other side, for heating, the heat pump runs in reverse to output heated air.

Split Systems are ideal for installation in single rooms and open plan spaces, while Multi-head Systems allow for up to 9 rooms to be regulated with a single outdoor unit.

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HINT – We recommend to clean your air conditioner filters every 2 months to enhance systems’ efficiency and lifespan of the air conditioner!

Save 10% running costs by setting A/C 1 degree lower
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What Are the Running Costs of Split Systems?

In general, a standard 2.5 kW Split System air conditioning costs about 20¢-25¢ to run / per hour. Split System air conditioning is most cost-effective choice for single room heating & cooling solution in Melbourne. However, below are some of the most influential factors;

  • Size icon

    Room Size

    Larger size air conditioning for bigger area requires higher output (kW) will attract higher running cost.

  • Star rating icon

    Energy Star Rating

    Energy rating determines the efficiency of your unit, higher star ratings means better savings.

  • Service provider icon

    Energy Service Provider

    The cost of using a Split System in Melbourne can depending on your energy provider’s rate.

  • Temperature icon

    Temperature Setting

    Setting the desired temperature every 1°C higher will save you running cost by around 10%.

There are also a wide range of brands and models of Split System in Melbourne which may have an impact on running costs.

To learn more about the running costs of a Split System in Melbourne or to explore other heating and cooling options, speak to one of our friendly air conditioning specialists on 1300 266 394.

Why choose split system air conditioning

To find out more about Split System installation in Melbourne or alternative heating and cooling solutions, contact ComfyHome Heating & Cooling today on 1300 266 394 or submit a Free Quote Form Online.

Why Choose Split Systems?

If you’re on the fence about installing a Split System, here are some benefits to help you make up your mind:

  • Heat cool icon

    Able to Heat & Cool

    A single Split System installation provides both heat or cool functions instead of paying for separate heating & cooling system.

  • Installation icon

    Easy Installation

    Split Systems are much cheaper to install for single room heating & cooling solution as no ducting is required.

  • Air quality icon

    Improve Air-Quality

    Split Systems can improve air quality in your home, with built-in filters to reduce allergens, dust and humidity.

  • Low maintenance icon

    Low Maintenance

    Easy to maintenance as the Air Conditioner filter can be easily removed and cleaned unlike ducting.

  • Multi room options available

    Multi-Room Options Available

    You can heat and cool multiple rooms in your house when you opt for a Multi-Head Split System.

Supply & Installation Costs of Split Systems

A typical example of a 2.5kW back-to-back Split System Air Conditioner installation should cost around $1600.00 to $2300.00 in Melbourne. However, the cost can depend on the following factors:

  • System size icon

    Size of Unit

    A 10-20m² room will require a split system with 2.5kW installed to cool the area. The larger (kW) the unit is required; the more cost will be.

  • Installation icon

    Installation Difficulty

    Will it be back-to-back installation? Distance between the indoor and outdoor unit? Cost may depend on the complexity of job.

  • Electrical connection icon

    Electrical Connection

    In some situations in which the switchboard needs to be upgraded, extra labour will attract higher costs.

  • Brands icon

    Brands & Model

    With an extensive range of Split System across Melbourne with different features, pricing can vary depend on your choice.

Book a FREE onsite consultation today! For a truly comprehensive Split System Air Conditioner installation in Melbourne, contact ComfyHome now on 1300 266 394 or submit a Free Quote Form Online.

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Split System FAQ's

Yes, Split System is an air conditioning system.
However, there are different types of air conditioning system includes;

All these systems operate on electricity & refrigerant under the same principal but very different in term of installation.

In most situation, if your air conditioner is over > 10 years old and there are noticeable issues with your A/C, there is a good chance that it could be cheaper to replace then repair.

To help you make the right decision, it is best to speak with the team at ComfyHome to give you an honest assessment on the condition of your air conditioner.

In general, an air conditioner is built to last from 10-20 years on average. But it depends on heaps of factors such as the brand of the A/C, quality of the installation, routine service history etc…

It is essential to service your Split System Air Conditioner regularly to prolong lifetime and enhance efficiency.

Generally speaking, a single split system air conditioning installation should take 3-6 hours. However, the exact amount of time can vary based on many factors such as below;

  • Size and location of both indoor and outdoor unit
  • The routing of copper pipes between indoor and outdoor unit
  • Electrical connections from main switchboard to the A/C unit

A standard measurement ratio is to multiple the room area by a factor of 0.15 to obtain the required power of the unit in kilowatt.

For a room area of 40sqm, you should need a Split system air conditioning unit of 6 kW. An air conditioning unit of 2.5kW is ideal for 10 -20 sqm room areas.

However, the size of the Split system air conditioning required can also be affected by other variables like the room insulation, number of occupants and residents’ location.

For an accurate assessment of the required Split unit size, we recommend you CONTACT US for a detailed analysis.

According to Daikin Australia, it is strongly suggested that you should clean your air conditioning filters every 2 weeks to increase the system’s efficiency and potentially reduce your energy consumption by 5%-15%.

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Reviewer icon Ting J From "Pascoe Vale - Melbourne"

Installed a  Mitsubishi Split System air conditioning to my kids’ bedroom. From sending enquiry to installation finish, it only took 1 weeks! Reception Rob was nice and professional, and organised onsite visit very quick. They cleaned all the mess and checked if the system was working well. 100% best aircon company in Melbourne!

Reviewer icon Mustafa From "Croydon - Melbourne"

All staff from ComfyHome are friendly and professional from the beginning to completion of the air conditioner installation. The system installation job was completed efficiently with high standard. Their service is beyond my expectation, highly recommend this heating and cooling company to friends need air con installation.

Reviewer icon Thomas H From "Doncaster - Melbourne"

Highly Recommended. The technician arrived on time to our Doncaster home, and was very professional and knowledgeable. He identified my split system problem easily, explained everything to me and fixed it. The technician was honest and did not pressure me to change to a new air conditioning immediately. I am very happy for this company.

Reviewer icon Alfred W From "Glenroy - Melbourne"

ComfyHome Heating Cooling is a professional company. We received a booking text massage after we made an appointment and also informed by technician the approximate time to arrive. Technician Alex from ComfyHome is knowledgeable and fixed our air conditioning issues very fast. I would recommend ComfyHome to friends who need ac repair.

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