Why Does My Ducted Heating Smell?

Are you noticing strange odours coming from your ducted heating system? If yes, it is imperative you have it checked by a professional because there are no situations where the smell coming from a heating system is unimportant. Sometimes, heating system smells are an indicator of a major problem within the system. Therefore, you cannot make the mistake of ignoring them.

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Many homes in Melbourne have ducted heating because they are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly – they produce only ⅓ of the greenhouse gas emissions compared to electrical heating systems. But these ultimate climate control and comfort-providing systems can often make unpleasant smells. So instead of simply thinking that the smell will go away, it is crucial to identify the source of the nauseating odour and fix it as quickly as possible.

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What Is Making My Ducted Heating Smell

A ducted heating system may produce a bad odour due to a variety of reasons. One of them is that it may need to be cleaned. Another is that it could be due to a leaking connection. Let’s take a look at common reasons why a ducted heating system produces smell:

REASON #1: Gas Leak

A gas leak has a similar smell to “rotten” eggs because natural gas is odourless and a chemical is added to detect gas leakage easily. The smell could be due to failing components or issues with the pipework. It usually happens because of lack of ducted heating system maintenance.

If you smell gas coming from the heating system, it is crucial that you open all the windows and switch the system off immediately. Instead of trying to fix it yourself, you need to call your local ducted heating system professional and it would be best to leave your home as soon as possible.

REASON #2: Mould and Mildew

If you notice stale air coming from your heating system, it could be most likely due to mould and mildew that have developed inside the system and the ductwork. Given that ducted heating systems create warm environments, the ductwork becomes ideal for mould and mildew to grow.

You may want to check the ductwork and other parts of the house to look for signs of fungus growth. If you notice small patches, you can eliminate them by adding one-quarter of a tablespoon of baking soda in a water bottle and spraying it onto affected areas before using a scrub brush to remove the fungus. However, if you notice large amounts of mould in the ductwork or other parts of the house, you must call in a professional because cleaning them without proper equipment and mask could lead to respiratory problems.

REASON #3: Clogged Filter

Dust starts to settle on heating components of the system if you don’t use it for several months. When you do use it, the dust burns off to create a burning dust smell. The smell of burning dust is common and not a cause of concern. However, if the smell persists, it could be due to a clogged air filter. It could also be due to the dirty heating components of the system. All of this can be prevented with scheduled maintenance and cleaning of the system.

REASON #4: Burned Out Components

A burning smell coming from the system indicates that some of the heating components of the ducted heating unit have burned out. If you notice a burning smell, quickly turn off the system as it could lead to costly repairs. This is a serious problem, and you must avoid fixing the system yourself. Instead, call a ducted heating expert to inspect the system and diagnose the root cause of the problem and which component needs to be replaced. You can avoid this with regular service of the heating system at least once a year.

REASON #5: Overheating

A metallic smell coming from a gas ducted heating system indicates that one of the components or the entire unit is overheating. In some cases, overheating causes an odour similar to the burning of plastic or rubber. If you notice a metallic smell, make sure to turn off the heating system as soon as possible. Don’t turn it off in hopes that the problem will go away. Instead, call your HVAC expert for an inspection.

REASON #6: Dead Animals

Although this problem may seem small, not fixing it could make your life inside your home a living hell. Animals crawl into ducts and die. Before you know it, their corpses start to rot and the stench begins to spread around the house. Given that the rotting smell won’t pass away too easily, you need to call local ductwork cleaning specialists to remove the corpse and clean the ductwork of any decaying body fluids.

Benefits of Ducted Heating Service

While nothing can beat the comfort of ducted heating in the chilly Melbourne winter months, you may not fully enjoy the benefits of this amazing heating system without scheduling regular maintenance. Here is why ducted heating service is important.

  • It makes the heating more energy-efficient and helps it function more smoothly and effortlessly
  • It prevents carbon monoxide leakage (a highly harmful byproduct created by appliances that run on natural gas)
  • Cleans air filters to ensure you breathe clean air
  • Prevents any potential problems that may cause bad odours and damage to the system
  • Ensures the system lasts longer

Most homeowners who complain about bad smells coming from their ducted heating system have a history of not scheduling regular service of their heating systems. As prevention is better than a smelly home, we recommend you schedule a ducted heating service from a trusted local HVAC contractor.

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At ComfyHome, our professionally trained and highly experienced technicians are available to offer ducted heating installation, service, repair, and replacement services to our esteemed customers in Melbourne. So if you want to avoid a smelly home, costly repair or even complete replacement of your ducted heating system, schedule a service today by contacting us.

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