Why Is Split System Installation So Popular In Melbourne?

Split system air conditioners have become very popular in Melbourne for several reasons. These systems are affordable, energy efficient, quick to install and don’t require the use of ducts.

Split System Installation

Melbourne summers can be hot, humid, sticky, and intolerable. That is why split system installation has become one of the most popular types of air conditioning for Melbourne homes, apartments, and small-sized businesses. After all, these are convenient systems designed to cool a designated area – small or large – without affecting your budget.

Let’s take a look at why split system installation has gained massive popularity in Melbourne. If you want to know what is split system air conditioning, click here.

How Much Popular Is Split System Installation In Melbourne?

Split systems have been in the Melbourne market for quite some time now. Interestingly, this air conditioning type is becoming more popular with time as it has continued to get more and more energy-efficient. It has become a value providing, space-saving choice for Melbourne residents.

The popularity of split system air conditioners has soared in Melbourne due to several reasons. With an average salary of 106,895 AUD per year in Melbourne, people want an economical cooling solution and a split system AC is within their budget.

Another factor behind increased demand is that the consumers want value for money, and split system AC is one of the most affordable and energy-efficient options available on the market.

There is also the style factor as many split systems are available in a massive range of sleek designs that complement the surroundings and modern décor. These systems reduce the energy bills and environmental footprint.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Split System Air Conditioner?

The cost of installing a split system in Melbourne depends on several factors such as the size of the unit, price of the unit itself, installation difficulty, and AC brand & model. Take an example of a 2.5 kW split system air conditioner that will cost you about $1600 to $2300.

It is important for you to understand that a split system air conditioner is a popular cooling option available on the Melbourne market, and that is why it comes in different makes and models. These systems have a range of features, styles, and designs. In other words, you get what you pay for.

Given that split systems are the best in providing quick cooling in the summer months, you get the freedom to cool the room you use the most. For instance, you can cool the living room or your bedroom with this affordable air conditioning solution. Overall, you have control over the budget when it comes to buying and installing a split system air conditioner.

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Why Choose Split System Air Conditioning In Melbourne?

Here are some reasons why split system installation is so prevalent in Melbourne:

REASON #1: Simple Installation Process   

When you compare the installation of a split system air conditioner to a traditional system, it requires way less work. After all, there is no need to install ductwork, meaning there will be fewer labour and installation costs. Even if the indoor unit is 100 feet away from the outdoor unit, a small space through the wall can connect both of them.

REASON #2: Designed For Efficiency      

Although many brands of split system ACs are available on the market, it is recommended to choose a reputable air conditioning brand. Selecting a quality split system unit guarantees energy efficiency. These units are built with energy efficiency in mind. The ductless design also ensures that there is minimal energy loss, which increases overall energy efficiency.

REASON #3: Silent Operation    

Split system air conditioners are known for their quiet operation. Even if you have multiple split systems in your house or office, you will not hear anything other than a faint whisper. It is because the condenser is installed outside, mainly in the garden or other isolated spaces.

REASON #4: Easy Maintenance   

With these units installed in your home, the maintenance cost is meagre. In fact, you can clean their washable filters yourself without calling an expert. Even the outdoor condenser units can be cleaned and repaired quickly.

REASON #5: Cost Effectiveness        

These units require less power to provide cooling. The indoor unit can distribute air and high-energy efficiency means that it will save you money throughout the summer months of blistering heat. With continuous innovations in split aircon units, it is only going to get more cost-effective in the future.

REASON #6: Blends With Your Décor

Split systems offer highly flexible installation. It means that you can install them on the walls or suspend them from the ceiling. They are less intrusive than window air conditioners and come in attractive designs and styles to complement your home décor.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Split System Air Conditioner

Choosing an air conditioner can be challenging, but keeping in mind a few crucial factors that can make this part less daunting. For starters, you need to set your budget for the air conditioner and stick to it. We recommend that it is best not to go for the cheaper option, no matter how tempting it may seem.

You have to choose a reputable air conditioning brand. Less known brands offer lucrative pricing, but in many cases, they don’t deliver as promised. Any good-quality split system should have features such as:

  • Reverse cycle
  • Timer
  • Sleep mode
  • Air purifier
  • Anti-fungus function
  • Smell removing function
  • Humidity control
  • Energy saving mode

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Split system units have become popular in Melbourne for numerous reasons. You can also reduce energy costs in summer and winter by choosing a split system. For split system installation Melbourne, there is no better option than ComfyHome.

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