What Size Evaporative Cooler Do I Need?

Evaporative coolers have become ever more popular with the increased intensity of heat waves in Australian summers and escalating energy prices. After all, they are easier to maintain and offer superior performance without damaging the environment. Understandably, many homeowners who consider purchasing an evaporative cooler want to know what size evaporative cooler they need.

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Evaporative cooling Melbourne systems, also known as swamp coolers, use the process of natural evaporation and air-moving system to provide effective and energy-efficient cooling. Instead of recycling stale air like an air conditioner, these systems circulate 100% fresh air.

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What Size of Evaporative Cooling System Do I Need In Melbourne?

To select the right size evap cooling system for your home in Melbourne, it is essential to consider the airflow and the total area you want to cool. A rule of thumb is that an ideal evaporative cooling unit should be powerful enough to replace indoor air once every 2 minutes.

Many evaporative cooler manufacturers provide detailed model-specific guidance on how much space the unit is expected to cool. You have to make sure not to buy an oversized or undersized evaporative cooling unit. It would be best to consult with a specialist when choosing the size of the evap system for your home.

You may want to consider the quality of the system because some evap cooling systems offer more benefits and features such as quieter operation. Moreover, you’d want to invest in a unit that can provide adequate cooling and ensure durability. Therefore, it would be best to choose quality over price.

Another factor to consider when sizing an evaporative cooling unit is energy efficiency. Although evap cooling units consume a lot less energy compared to air conditioners, you can find different advanced models that use inverter technology to lower energy bills by as far as 50%.

You can use this Evaporative Cooling Size Calculator or the following size measuring method.

The Size and Its Impact On Evaporative Cooler Running Cost

There’s no denying that evaporative cooling is the most economical form of whole house cooling. If you have an evap unit of 10-15kW cooling capacity, it may be just around 20¢ / hour to run.

The energy consumption rate changes depending on the size. However, even a bigger evaporative cooling unit consumes way less energy than a refrigerated air conditioner. For example, a ducted evaporative cooler consumes 50% less energy compared to an air conditioner of similar capacity.

Moreover, advanced evaporative cooling units have inverter-driven fan motors, making them even more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

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How To Select The Right Size Evaporative Cooler?

It would help if you took the following measures when sizing an evap cooling system for your home:

  • Start by determining the outdoor design of your house as the system will be installed either on the roof or the ground
  • Find the air replacement rate of the evaporative cooler and the desired indoor temperature
  • Find out about the noise levels, both indoor and outdoor
  • Find the cooling load of the unit
  • Find if the cooling load and airflow meets the cooling requirements of your home
  • Ensure your property has an air relief path

It is important to understand that the size of the unit should go with the area that you wish to cool.

Factors To Consider When Buying An Evap Cooler

Now that you know what size evaporative cooler you need, you also need to know a few things before buying a unit that suits your personal preferences and property requirements.

  • An evaporative cooling unit works well when the relative humidity is below 50%, so the unit will work effectively in the dry, hot Melbourne climate. However, it may not provide sufficient comfort when it becomes really humid
  • As the unit uses only water to lower the temperature inside the space, it is an environmentally friendly cooling option. It does not use CFCs that contribute to ozone depletion. Evap coolers reduce your carbon footprint as it uses very less electricity
  • These systems are great if added humidity is not an issue for you. Some people find these units helpful as it doesn’t remove humidity from the air, unlike an air conditioner. It helps people with allergies and asthma
  • You may want to consider the corrosion factor. High humidity could cause corrosion and damage your mechanical and electrical equipment
  • You’ll need to install ductwork for a ducted evaporative cooling unit, so you’d have to consider the installation cost

Consult With A Specialist

You can always use an evaporative cooling size calculator, but bear in mind that it can only provide a rough estimate of what size evap cooling unit you need for your home in Melbourne. Finding out the exact size of an evaporative cooling unit requires complex calculations. Therefore, it would be best to consult with specialists to help you find the right size and provide answers to any inquiries you may have regarding the cooling system.

At ComfyHome, our experienced technicians are always available to assist you. With 40+ years of experience in the AC industry, we have helped hundreds of our clients find the right-sized evaporative cooling units for their homes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about sizing an evaporative cooler.

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