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What Size Ducted Air Conditioning System do I Need?

You might be thinking about the right ducted air conditioning system for your home in Australia. Here is a guide on the right size of this system for your property.

Naturally, each one of us wishes to stay comfortable at our homes in all seasons. Our home is the place, where we relax every day after spending hours at our office. Have you heard about a ducted air conditioning system and thinking about installing one in your home? Then, apart from knowing how to identify the right size of ducted AC system, you can gain some basic understanding of this system here:

What is a Ducted Air Conditioner?

As against a regular split AC or portable AC, a ducted aircon is capable of cooling your entire home. When talking about ducted air conditioner systems, you can find them in a couple of different types. One is the cooling-only ducted unit, while the other is a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner.

The important reason for homeowners in Melbourne opting for a ducted air conditioning system is that it reduces the need for two appliances into one. The reason is that it can cool your home during the summer and can heat during the winter. The main unit of the appliance is installed in the ceiling. Otherwise, installers place it outside or under the floor based on the particular needs of your home.

How Does A Ducted Air Conditioning System Work?

This appliance works by having a central unit. It is this unit that cools the air. Then, it distributes the cooled air through a combination of ducts. The ducts present in each room in your home carry cool air into them.

When you are particular about saving on energy costs, you can opt for a ducted AC system with inverters. Do you know why and how? The inverter helps the AC to maintain a temperature consistency by making it function at the right speed. On the other hand, the units without inverters will have to keep powering on and off to maintain the temperature. In turn, it will consume more energy in your home, thereby increasing your electricity bill. When talking about saving on the energy cost, choosing the right size ducted air con is important. Are you not convinced yet? Here are some reasons why installing the right size unit in your home is important:

Why Size of Ducted Aircon Matters?

Be it a duct aircon or any other kind of air conditioner for that matter, the appliance runs at its best only when it is designed to fill the space efficiently. When you choose the right size system, it will cool your home gradually in sustainably. On the other hand, a system that is poorly sized will make the air con stressed. The reason is that it has to work hard. When it works hard, the chances of short-cycle will become more. As a result, you will have to spend more on repairs.

What if you choose a Larger System?

When you choose a larger ducted air conditioning system, you will face the following issues:

  • It will increase your energy costs
  • It will consume a lot of unnecessary power
  • It will cool your home at a faster pace and then abruptly shut off to repeat the cooling process.

What if you choose a smaller system?

When a larger ducted AC can be problematic, it does not mean that you can choose a smaller unit than the actual size your home needs. The reason is that a smaller unit can cause the following issues:

  • It will result in in-efficient cooling. In turn, you will end up paying more on electricity charges.
  • The unit will be in constant overdrive. As a result, the parts of your air con will wear out at a faster pace.
  • On very cold days or extremely hot days, it will have to work harder to reach the set temperature.

So to avoid these issues with bigger and smaller ducted air conditioning units, it becomes important that you should find the answer to the question of what size ducted aircon do I need. Read on to find the answer to this question here:

What Size Ducted Aircon Should I Choose?

Identifying the right size of duct aircon you need, can be tricky. The reason is that ducted aircon sizes vary considerably. The important question to ask is how many kW I need. The reason is that modern air cons are almost rated in kW, which means kilowatt. This value measures the output of the AC unit. Both the cooling and heating functions of the ducted air conditioning system are measured in kilowatt.

Here, you should know some technical details. The ratio of the KW output to the electrical input is referred to as COP or Coefficient of performance. It is otherwise referred to as the Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER. This ratio will measure the efficiency of your aircon. You can expect more efficiency when the COP is higher.

You can understand it with an example. Let us consider that a ducted aircon 12.5 kW inverter has a heating capacity of 15 kW and a cooling capacity of 12.5 kW. It means that you have a heating COP of 3.35 and a cooling COP of 2.99. In this case, the heating cycle of the air con is more efficient as compared to the cooling cycle.

How to Calculate the right size of Ducted Air Con for your home?

To find the answer to the question of what size Ducted Aircon do I need, you will have to do the following:

  • Calculate the entire floor area of the living space you use during the daytimes
  • Once you have the above value, multiply it with the ceiling height of the daytime living area.

Once you have the values mentioned above, you can get to know the watts. With the value of watts, you can move the decimal point three points to the left. Can you judge what will happen? You can get the value in kilowatts.

At ComfyHome, we specialize in helping property owners like you in Melbourne with finding the right ducted air conditioning size.