What is Split System Air Conditioning?

Choosing the best air conditioner in Melbourne that suits your needs, both functionally and financially, can be confusing and challenging. However, you can consider a split system air conditioner as it is one of the most popular air conditioning types in Australia.

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In Australia, split system air conditioning continues to be popular and most in-demand among consumers. In fact, millions of homes across the country rely on split air conditioning to beat the summer heat. Here, we will try to explain everything you need to know about these systems.

What Is Split System AC?

As the name implies, a split system AC is made up of two “split” units – an indoor unit that is placed in the room you want to cool and a compressor (outdoor unit). The indoor unit containing the evaporator component blows conditioned air into the room while the outdoor unit expels the heat gathered from the indoor unit.

A split air conditioner requires a set of pipes to connect the indoor unit with the outdoor unit, and there’s no need to install a series of ductwork networks throughout your house. Overall, a split system AC is an ideal cooling solution for single-room climate control with utmost convenience and flexibility.

How Does Split Air Conditioning Work?

In a split air conditioner, a refrigerant (as a low-pressure gas) is fed into the compressor. The refrigerant is then condensed and circulated through the outdoor unit, which turns it from a gas to a liquid. The liquid refrigerant is then forced to travel through the cooling compartment and becomes a gas again.

The gas releases heat and adopts a colder temperature after losing pressure. When the same gas goes back into the compressor, it repeats the process. Throughout the main cycle of split air conditioning, the unit draws in air and makes it travel over the evaporator coils. As a result, cool air is pushed back into the room, and the process repeatedly continues until a specific temperature is achieved.

Why Choose A Split System Air Conditioning?

A convenient, energy-efficient and reliable split system air conditioning unit can deliver impressive climate control and comfort to you and your family throughout the year. There are many benefits to owning a split system air conditioner, some of which include:

  • Split system air conditioners are affordable to buy and install.
  • There is no need for major installation because a split system does not require ductwork installation.
  • A set of tubes and electrical wires are enough to connect the outdoor and indoor units, which is a much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option than ductwork.
  • They are energy and noise efficient.
  • Unlike traditional air conditioning units, split systems have sleek and modern designs to easily blend in with your home décor.
  • There is a huge range of split system air conditioners in different sizes, designs, and colours.

You can read in detail about common types of air conditioning units and systems and also get a better idea of the best air conditioning brands in Australia.

 How To Calculate The Right Size Split System?      

You don’t want an air conditioner too small for your room because it will not cool your room properly. You also don’t want an AC unit too big as it will keep on turning on and off in an attempt to maintain your desired temperature.

Fundamentally, you will need a split system AC with 1-2 kilowatts of cooling capacity for space of about every 10 square metres. However, there are other factors to consider before calculating the correct size split system air conditioner for your home:

  • What is the ceiling height?
  • Are the walls/ceiling insulated?
  • What is the location and size of your windows?
  • Do you live in a dry, warm, humid, or cold climate?
  • For how long the sun hits the room.

Before making any decision, it would be best to consult with a qualified split system air conditioner installation services provider in Melbourne.

How To Install A Split System AC?

There should be no debate that split aircon installation Melbourne should ONLY be carried out by a professional. The installation process of a split AC may vary depending on its manufacturer, but the basic way is described below:

  • Choose the ideal place in your room where the indoor unit will sit. Make sure the site you choose is away from direct sunlight and has about 15 cm of open space around all of the sides.
  • Your air conditioner installation professional will measure the height at which the indoor unit will sit and fix the mounting place to the wall.
  • The next step is to create a hole above the mounting place as the piping will go through it. Afterwards, the pipes from the inside will be connected to the outdoor unit.
  • Once the installation of the indoor unit is complete, the outdoor unit has to be installed.
  • Find a suitable place for the outdoor unit and make sure it is not close to hot areas. You can have it mounted on the wall or placed on the ground. The professional will know the length and type of pipe that will be used to connect indoor and outdoor units.

Once the professional secures the indoor and outdoor units, they will seal up any holes in the wall. It is important to remember that DIY installation is not the right approach here. So make sure that only a registered professional handles the installation.

Are You Looking For Professional Help?

The most accurate way to find out the right size split system size for your home is by getting professional help. They have years of experience to guide you in choosing the best air conditioner that meets your needs.

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