What Is Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioning?

If you’re interested in air conditioning that adds an element of versatility, you should consider multi-split system air conditioning. Considered one of the advanced forms of air conditioning, this system is a powerful and cost-effective solution for your cooling and heating needs.

Split System Air Conditioning

People living in Melbourne with limited home space choose multi-head split system air conditioning because of its money-saving advantage and ability to cool or heat multiple rooms with just a single outdoor unit.

Multi-head split system air conditioner may sound a bit complicated, but it actually offers a pretty convenient and straightforward cooling or heating solution. As an economic multi-room solution, it enhances external aesthetics and quietly does the job. That’s why it is considered ideal for townhouses, apartments, and homes with limited space issues.

What is A Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioner?

Essentially, a multi-head split system is like a bigger brother of a single wall split air conditioning unit. It is because several indoor wall-mounted units can run on one outdoor unit. A multi-split system air conditioner can connect 2-5 indoor units with one single powerful outdoor compressor.

There is higher efficiency and more powerful cooling if in any case you run only a single indoor unit because the outdoor unit will function at a much faster capacity, allowing for quicker cooling in a shorter time and reduced electricity consumption.

This type of air conditioning is ideal for homes that face limited space issues because it offers amazing installation versatility, space-saving choices, and greater energy savings.

How Does A Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioner Work?

There is no use of a complex duct system in a multi-split system AC, and 2-5 indoor units are connected to one outdoor unit via refrigerant lines, power cables, and condensate drain lines.

This system uses the same technology as a single wall split system air conditioning unit. When you use it in the summers, it takes warm air from inside the space and runs it to the fan coil before circulating cool air back into the house. In winters, it uses a reverse cycle and runs in reverse to warm your house.

The inverter technology is coupled with a heat pump to cool and heat the air and use a lot less electricity for an energy-efficient operation. It also has specialised sensors for each room to detect a change in temperature and make automatic adjustments.

How Much Do Multi-Split System AC Cost?

When it comes to the cost of multi split system air conditioners, there are no set prices. It is because these air conditioning units are customised to meet your specific needs. While most split system air conditioners in Australia have a 7-8 kW rating that goes up to 14-15 kw, the price can vary significantly. Depending on how many indoor units you choose along with the brand and model, it will cost about $2000-$3000 in Australia.

The only way to determine how much a multi split system cost in Melbourne is by getting a quote from ComfyHome. The cost also depends on the brand you choose, so you should look at the best air conditioning brands in Australia.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Multi-Split System Air Conditioner?

Although the installation cost of multi-split system AC is less than a duct system, it still has a higher installation cost than a single wall split air conditioner. It is because of the bigger pipe length and the work required for installing indoor units (2-5) throughout your home.

It is imperative for you to understand that only a licensed air conditioning installation professional should install a multi split system AC. You can contact ComfyHome if you need a quote on installation costs. It would help if you also read this informative piece on how much does air-conditioning installation costs and tips for hiring the best air conditioning technician.

Pros of Multi-Split System Air Conditioner

If you want to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, there are many convincing reasons to consider a multi-split system air conditioner. For instance, you won’t have to install an expensive air distribution network.

  • It offers utmost convenience and flexibility
  • Cost-efficient and lower power consumption
  • Silent and smooth operation makes it an ideal choice
  • There are a lot of different options to choose from
  • It can provide cooling or heating in 2 to 5 rooms without installing ducts
  • Ideal for apartments, homes, or units with little ceiling space for ducting
  • You can individually adjust the temperature in each room, and it can satisfy everyone’s temperature preferences

Cons of Multi-Split System Air Conditioner

Obviously, a multi-split AC will consume more energy than a split system air conditioner. However, there are other disadvantages as well.

  • In case the outdoor unit breaks, all the other indoor units will stop working
  • There can be a restriction on placement
  • The outdoor unit is bulky, which makes it not such an ideal option for those who do not want to compromise on aesthetics

Is A Multi-Split System Air Conditioner Right For Me?

As there are many types of air conditioners and choosing the right one can be confusing, it is best to understand your needs and budget before making a decision. A multi split AC can be an ideal choice for you if you have limited space and want air conditioning in more than one room. It also enables you to adjust the temperatures in each room. In fact, it is an ideal choice if you do not have the budget or space for a ducted system.

Melbourne Multi-Head Split System Installation

When it comes to installing a multi-head split system in Melbourne, you want the entire process to be hassle-free and affordable. At ComfyHome, we take pride in offering specialist multi-head split system AC installation services to the amazing people of Melbourne. With over 40 years of valuable experience in the AC industry, we follow the best practices to ensure you get the best AC installation services.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries related to multi-head split system air conditioners.

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