What Is Add-On Cooling With Gas Ducted Heating?

As gas ducted heating is popular among Melbourne homeowners, they rely on add-on cooling to beat the summer heat. It is a perfect solution as it allows the home to be both heated and cooled without paying the extra cost of installing a cooling system.

Add-On Cooling With Gas Ducted Heating

If you already have a gas ducted heating system and want to enjoy the benefit of a cooling system in summer, Add on Cooling Melbourne is a solution that will make you enjoy “the best of both worlds.” In fact, add-on cooling is a highly recommended solution for those who already have a gas ducted heating system and are searching for a single system that can heat and cool their homes.

If you have fallen in love with your gas ducted heating unit in the winter but feel that lack of air conditioning will make the summer unbearable, there is no need to worry. Instead of paying for costly air conditioner installation, you can easily integrate an add-on cooling system to your existing gas ducted heating and enjoy all weathers in the most comfortable way possible.

What Is Add-On Cooling For Ducted Gas Heating?

As the name implies, an add-on cooling system can be explained as introducing a condensing unit in a gas ducted heating framework to blow the cool air through the same ducting system. In other words, you won’t have to change your existing vents as add on cooling uses the current gas ducted system to keep you warm in the winter months and cool all summer long.

More and more homeowners in Melbourne are choosing add-on cooling systems because of one huge advantage: these systems reduce the hassle and cost of installing a new cooling system by simply making some adjustments to the existing heating system. If you want to learn about ducted gas heating, you can read it in detail by clicking here.

How Does Add On Cooling Work?

Brivis Add-On Cooling system diagramThere is an indoor and outdoor unit of the add-on cooling system.  Both units are out of view, so you will not hear or see them. The system utilises existing heating ducts to blow cold air throughout the home.

While the condensing unit is placed outside, the ducted heating system is connected to the add-on cooling system’s indoor unit, and a cooling coil is installed in the ceiling cavity or the subfloor. The fan inside the heater blows air over the cooling coil, and cold air is pumped throughout the house by the outside condenser. Moreover, the zoning option of an add-on cooling system allows you to cool the rooms you want.

Why Choose Add-On Cooling System?

Add-on cooling systems perfectly complement existing or new gas ducted heating systems. Economical to run, add-on cooling systems give you total climate control throughout the year. If you are looking for dual comfort all year round, there might not be a better solution than an add-on cooling system, which gives you ultimate control of both heating and air conditioning.

Here are some reasons for you to consider an add-on cooling system:

REASON #1: One Duct System

One of the most convincing reasons to go for an add-on cooling system is that it connects to your existing heating system, which means there is no need for additional ductwork. In some cases, minor changes to the layout might be required. Overall, it is a perfect solution for the year round comfort of your family.

REASON #2: Easy And Flexible Installation

Compact add-on cooling systems can be installed in almost all roof cavities. Given that you will install an add-on cooling system in your existing gas ducted heating system, no additional duct work is required, making the entire installation process quick, affordable, and efficient.

REASON #3: An Economical Cooling Solution

As you already know that ducted gas heating is an economical heating solution, so why not save more money with an add-on cooling system that uses the same ducts and provides cost-efficient cooling in the summer months. You can learn more about how much it costs to run ducted air conditioning by clicking here.

REASON #4: Zoning Helps Save Money   

As this system allows zoning, you can divide your house into different zones so that you can easily change the airflow in the house. With zoning, you can choose the rooms you want to cool and reduce energy costs.

REASON #5: Simple And Easy To Use

You can easily use and operate two separate units (ducted gas heater and air conditioning) from the same central remote. It is as easy as making coffee or eating chicken parmigiana.

REASON #6: Cold Air Without Humidity

The refrigeration process in an add-on cooling system provides cold air throughout the home without humidity. It dehumidifies the air and prevents excessive dampness in your home.

Add-On Cooling Installation

Installing an add-on cooling system does not take too long. For add on cooling installation, you need to consult with an experienced and licensed technician. It is because the layout might require some changes, and only an experienced technician can thoroughly inspect the place and create an effective installation plan.

You can contact us for the most affordable and effective add-on cooling installation in Melbourne. Our highly experienced and dedicated team has served Melbourne for years as specialist installers of add-on cooling systems. We strive for the best when it comes to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. Contact us for add on cooling Melbourne installation service.

Contact ComfyHome For Year-Round Comfort

There is no reason to enjoy the winter and suffer through summer just because you invested a lot of money in the gas ducted heating system. If you do not have a budget for a new cooling system, you can consider a highly cost-effective add-on cooling option. At ComfyHome, we can fulfil all your cooling requirements utilising our years of experience and knowledge of the AC industry.

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