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Advantages of reverse cycle aircon?


Australia is one of the luckiest countries in the world, where we enjoy the best climates for the whole year includes summer and mild winter. But there are still several months when it is chilli or cold during time and sometime even freezing, especially in the night and morning time.

That’s why reverse cycle air conditioning is made for that time so what is reverse cycle air conditioning and why you should have considered to install it?

Basically, a reverse cycle air conditioning unit is working in two ways. It can be used to provide cool air in summer and warm air in winter, all this with single unit.

There are many advantages of the reverse cycle air conditioning and here are the few

  • Energy efficient and clever machine: Modern reverse cycle air conditioning units are extremely efficient even in the most extreme conditions. Not only that – they also have the capacity to efficiently recycle air more than a dozen times per hour. For you, this means all the benefits of a smaller reverse cycle unit in each room without the very painful power bill. In fact, you could be looking at a reduction in your power bills of about 30%.


  • Zoning capability: In the zoning capability, you can turn on your reverse cycle air conditioning only for the room where you want heating or cooling rather than the entire house. For instance, you could concentrate the heating or cooling in the living area during day time and in the bedroom in the night time or you can turn the heating or cooling on of the first floor, where children are playing and you are working as well. In such a way, you don’t have to waste to much energy on the floor that no one is utilising Or, you can set different temperatures for different areas as required.


  • Purify the air: The main quality of the reverse cycle air conditioning unit is that it comes with built in air purifying filter that that traps fine airborne particles therefore it helps you purify the air inside your house. It also helpful for those family members to get the fresh and smooth air who are suffering from asthma or hay fever.


  • Environmentally friendly: Reverse cycle air conditioning systems tend to produce only one third the greenhouse gas emissions vs standard electric heaters. Reverse cycle systems cost approximately half the price of portable gas to heat the same sized room.

If you are looking for an air conditioner that is environmentally friendly, is value for money, can be customised to your individual needs and can be utilised all year round, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is the system for you.

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