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What Are the Advantages of Evaporative Cooling?


Evaporative cooler is ideally suitable for southern states of Australia and will provide comfort conditions in most areas. Although evaporative cooler remains one of the older forms of climate control which exists today, it also happens to be one of the most beneficial.

It offers a variety of advantages over traditional air conditioners, all of which will keep more money in your pocket and less pollutants in the air.

  • Fresh and clean air: One of the main advantages of an evaporative cooler is that it provides fresh, clean air. Evaporative cooler air also suitable for those people in the house, who are suffering from asthma or airborne allergies.


  • Better cooling solution: Evaporative cooler provide better cooling capacity comparison to refrigerant system. It feels comfortable to live and enjoyable to the whole family.


  • Energy efficient: Evaporative cooler only needs electricity for the fan and water pump to run the whole system, it means it doesn’t consume too much energy and you are able to cool your house with cheapest cost.


  • Environment friendly: Evaporative coolers are better for the environment. It doesn’t produce carbon dioxide and use a natural process to cool your house.


  • Constant supply of fresh moist air. Evaporative cooler doesn’t dry out the air like refrigerated air conditioning. Maintaining natural humidity levels prevents:

Flowers, furniture, fabrics and foodstuffs from drying out.
Static electricity from building up.
Complaints from workers about sore throats, dry eyes and running noses.

  • Quiet Operation: Evaporative cooler has another advantage is that when you turn on it, they are exceptionally quieter noise as compared to refrigerated one and this can definitely cause you to experience a night of sleep that is less than satisfactory.


  • Easy to Maintain Evaporative cooler is not complex in design. Their two main parts include the water pump and the fan motor, both of which can easily be replaced if they go bad.

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