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If you are looking for a better way to improve and evoke a healthier home, consider adopting proper ventilation solutions. Controlling moisture, removing heat in summer and encouraging fresh air into your house will make the environment healthier.


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    Key benefits of ventilation

    Temperature control

    Did you know that high level of heat can build up in your roof space in Australia? If you think there is lack of ventilation in the roof space, then temperatures can reach as high as 70°C. If you want to cook eggs up there, consider opting in with an Edmonds roof ventilation. Edmonds roof ventilation systems are designed to remove and maintain low temperatures under hot and humid climates. It has been designed to specifically:

    Remove heat
    • Maintain low temps
    • Increase sufficiency of AC units
    • Save money on energy consumption
    Moisture management

    Moisture in a house is a destructive force. It can cause wood rot, mold and mildew formations overtime. They can also trigger allergies or asthma. With Edmonds unique ventilation systems, homeowners can breathe happily knowing that such dangers are eliminated. The roof and sub-floor ventilators are designed to expel moisture from the air and helps to protect the possibility of future moisture damage.

    Air quality

    Quality of the air is essential to the human health. Edmonds roof vents, ceiling grilles and air systems are designed to sufficiently circulate fresh breathable air and to prevent dangerous humid or moisture buildup.


    Excessive heat reduction & management


    Condensation on windows and walls


    Asthma and allergies


    Odours & state air


    Odyssey Ventilation System​

    • Humidity and Temperature sensors
    • Professional installation
    • 7 air changes per hour
    • 2400 m3/hr flow rate
    • Whole of home ventilation
    • Roof Ventilation
    • Smart Climate Control
    • Touch screen control panel

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    AiroMatic Ventilation System


    Equivalentto 6 Wind Driven Vents

    The areodynamics that are incorporated to the innovated designs are designed to genereate an equivalent to 6 wind driven vents. Built with a sufficient machanism, the 6 wind driven vent can run on continous basis, without quality reduction or reliance on the wind.


    Heat Reduction

    All AiroMatic devices are built with temperature and humidity sensors for automatically sensing speed for controling purposes. The system’s speed vary to reduce the heat tention load thats accumulated in the roofing space during operational hours and reduce the energy consumption.


    Condensation Management

    AiroMatics’s humidty system sensors are designed to adjust to the speed of AiroMatic to an otpimal setting. Humidity buildup in the spaces between roofs are known sources to be responsible to accumulate damaging condensation, which often leads to mould and mildew buildup.


    Available in 4 colours

    Customer have the oppurtunity to select from 4 different colors. Select Red, Black,Silver or White.


    SupaVent Natural Roof Ventilation

    • Removal of heat and moisture in roof spaces
    • Suitable for metal and tiled roof and most roof colors
    • Residential homes and commercial / public buildings
    • SupaVent is deal for areas with direct contact with sea spray

    SupaVent is a wind driven turbine ventilator designed to exhaust heat and moisture from the roof space of a home, without the use or electrical energy. Constructed from light-weight, high quality polymer, it comes with a 15 year warranty for long lasting peace of mind and comfort in your home.

    Available in a range of 17 colours to suit most metal and tile roofs.

    As a general recommendation, 1-2 SupaVents is sufficient per 90m2 of roof space.