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Tips to reduce your power bills


Getting high power bills? Using air conditioning for heating or cooling uses electricity and with the constant rate rise it can seem that staying comfortable is too expensive. But there are ways to reduce power use, lowering your bills. Here’s some tips about air conditioning that will make sure your air conditioner, ducted or split, will keep you comfortable without breaking the bank.


Set your air conditioner around 24°C

The recommended temperature for an air conditioning system about 24°C in the warmer months and 20°C in the colder months. These temperatures will be comfortable and they avoid having your air conditioning system working at maximum to maintain temperature.


Turn the system on early

The best way to combat the heat and have your air conditioner working effectively is to turn it on early in the morning. People believe that to save money they need to wait until midday to turn the system so it’s on for less time on when in fact this works the opposite way. It is more efficient to keep the house cool from the start rather than try to cool down a warm house.


Close doors and windows, draw the blinds

For areas you want to keep cool, close internal doors and reduce the amount of sunlight coming in through windows. This will help keep the cool air in and the hot air out. It will also help reduce the amount of work the air conditioner has to do to maintain temperature.


Don’t start the system at extremes

Avoid setting your controller at a temperature below what you actually want to achieve. It will not reach the desired temperature faster, could result in excessive cooling, and cause a higher power bill through running too much.


Avoid using hot indoor appliances

On hot days take advantage of using the BBQ or outdoor grill. Using your oven or stove on hot days with insufficient ventilation will increase the temperature of your kitchen and the rest of the house and make your air conditioner work harder.


Turn off A/C in unoccupied rooms

If a room or area is not occupied, switch the air conditioning off and close the door. This reduces the amount of work your air conditioner is required to do, helping to increase energy efficiency and save on running costs. If you have zones, where possible turn off the zones that aren’t being used.


Get an annual service

It is strongly recommended to get your heating and cooling system serviced every 12 months to ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible. You can call 1300 226 394 to book a service, email us at or submit an enquiry though the Contact Us page.


Set a timer

If you have ducted air conditioning you may be able to program a set time for when your system will switch on. For example, if you wake at 7am you could set a timer to turn on your system at 6:30 so you wake to a comfortable house. Or, on a hot day at work, you could set a programmed time so that the system has reached temperature by the time you arrive home.


Following these tips should help out in with reducing power bills when operating your air conditioner. Whether it is cold, warm or even a small change to how you operate your system, it will make a difference.  Please call us on 1300 266 394 if you have any questions.