5 Tips For Hiring The Best Air Conditioning Technician

Air conditioning is a complex mechanical system (and a massive investment) that only a skilled and knowledgeable technician should install and repair. However, not doing due diligence and trusting someone solely because they call themselves air conditioning specialist technician has its repercussions. Therefore, it is imperative to look for a set of qualities before hiring an AC technician in Melbourne.

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Be it split system or ducted air conditioning Melbourne, hiring the best technician isn’t as easy as it seems to be. After all, there are hundreds of companies out there claiming to be “air conditioning professionals.” While there are experienced and skilled air con technicians, there are chances you’ll end up choosing an amateur and exploitative technician because they usually make big claims or offer unbelievably low rates to lure potential customers.

So, if you want to hire a reliable air conditioning technician, here are some tips to help you find the finest Melbourne AC technician.

What To Consider When Hiring Air Conditioning Technician

Below are some factors to consider before hiring an air conditioning technician:

Certifications and License

This is the first thing to look for before hiring an AC technician because technicians acquire certifications and licenses after passing a rigorous vetting process. For instance, an AC technician must have experience practising in the field for a certain period to obtain a license.

A genuine technician will not hesitate to show you the license at the moment if you ask them. Moreover, most technicians print their license numbers on their visiting cards or websites. Therefore, it is extremely important that you need to pay heed to this factor.

Solid Reputation

Notably, a good reputation plays a vital role before hiring a technician. Go ask around about the technician first to avoid regretting it later. Try to inquire as to why somebody would or wouldn’t hire the technician.

It’s better to look for online reviews by searching over the internet or social media i.e. Facebook, Google, or other business review sites. Also, do consider customer references and opinions of friends and family. Positive reviews will surely indicate that the technician is more reliable and trustworthy.

Experience Matters A Lot!

Would you prefer a technician who just got their license or someone who has years of experience in the field?

Besides being licensed and certified, experience is another factor that holds immense importance. You could find two licensed technicians, but one may have a decade more experience than the other one – better industry experience almost guarantees quality service.

Free Estimate

A quality technician will never provide an estimate without proper inspection of the system. If a technician offers you an estimate without even inspecting the AC unit, that’s a red flag. It is because no genuine technician will ever provide a quote without looking at the system, as there could be a number of issues with it. Instead, a fraudster technician will try to lure you with incredibly low estimates only to jack up the price later on. At that point, you’ll have no other option but to pay whatever amount they demand.

Fair Pricing

We all are aware that the best technician will never be super cheap because their service rates are based on the job’s experience, skill, and complexity. On the other hand, there is a possibility that a technician charging you with low rates isn’t the best. They might not be using new technologies or may not be up-to-date. So DO NOT fall for cheap rates!

Qualities of A Great AC Technician

Now that you know what to consider when hiring an air conditioning technician, here are some characteristics that define a good AC technician. If you find a technician in Melbourne with the following qualities, do yourself a big favour and stick with them!

Customer Service Skills

Customer service skills play a pivotal role in building trust and loyalty. Therefore, a good AC technician gives utmost priority to customer service. They don’t mind going above and beyond what is expected of them to ensure customer’s satisfaction.

Emergency Service

You don’t want your AC to breakdown in the middle of the night. It is such a relief to get a timely response (and visit) from a technician when you need them the most. Many air conditioning companies in Melbourne provide 24-hour emergency service.

Experience in All Major Air Conditioning Brands

A quality AC technician has experience in installing and repairing the best air conditioning brands in Australia. They not only have extensive knowledge of all types of air conditioning, but they can also recommend the best one to meet your cooling needs.

Punctuality and Flexibility

A good technician always shows up on time to the given location, and they take it very seriously. They also have the tools to fix the problem in the first attempt, unlike inexperienced technicians who come unprepared.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Air Conditioning Technician

As an issue with your air conditioning unit can pop up at any time, it is best to hire a technician instead of opting for DIY. Here is why you should hire air conditioning technician:

  • It saves money
  • There is surety and safety in it
  • It helps avoid warranty damages
  • Saves your time
  • Enhances unit’s efficiency and lifetime
  • Free maintenance advice and other recommendations

Consult With Melbourne’s Highly Sought-After Experts

Tracking down a reliable technician to fix your air conditioner unit can be troublesome, yet it doesn’t need to be. The tips mentioned above can assist you with finding the best AC specialist. It would be best to choose a reputable heating and cooling company in Melbourne and don’t fall for low prices. If you find the quote too good to be true, stay away. You can read these best tips for hiring a heating and cooling company.

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