To Repair Or Replace Your Ducted Heating: What To Do?

While a gas ducted heating system is an ideal solution for year-round comfort in Melbourne, the unit’s lack of service can put a massive dent in your bank balance in the form of expensive repairs and the replacement of components. That’s why we often get a query from clients that “should I repair or replace my ducted gas heater?”

Having a ducted heating system is almost a necessity in many parts of Australia, particularly in Melbourne, where the city can experience four seasons in one day. However, your ducted heating system must be adequately serviced routinely to keep your house warm and pleasant when the weather outside becomes chilly. In addition, it can be expensive to repair ducted heating, and a poorly maintained gas ducted heating system can result in excessive utility bills.

So, if you are spending a lot on heating system repairs, it could be the right time to consider a ducted heating replacement. But if you find that your gas ducted heating system is having difficulty performing its operations recently, there is a strong probability that it needs to be serviced or repaired.

Ducted Heating Repair Cost

The cost of heating repairs varies substantially. However, the majority of repairs are between $150 and $400. That being said, the overall repair cost can only be calculated after assessing the heating system’s condition, damaged components that need replacing, the extent of repair required, and complexity of repairing.

ComfyHome charges a fixed rate of $250 for our repair service, regardless of whether the work takes longer than our typical 2 hour service time. Prior to beginning any repair work, we give a precise quotation for each task so that you won’t have to be concerned about unexpectedly high repair expenses.

Is It Time To Replace Your Gas Ducted Heating System?

The average lifespan of a gas ducted heating system is 15 years. However, a system that has not been well-maintained or that is more than 10 years old may end up costing you more money in the form of expensive repairs.

Nevertheless, the most severe issue with old, inefficient ducted heating systems is that carbon monoxide (also known as the silent killer) may be quietly poisoning you and your family.

Listed below are some signs that you need to consider ducted heating replacement service:

SIGN #1: An Old Ducted Heating System

While old age in and of itself is not a cause to replace your heating unit, it is undoubtedly a contributing element in the decision. You may extend the life of a heating unit by purchasing a high-quality unit and keeping it in good working order, but even the best-maintained units will ultimately fail.

A ducted heating replacement is often required every fifteen years or so. However, this might vary depending on the quality of the system, how well it has been maintained, and the amount of usage it has had. All older ducted heating systems will lack the advanced functionality of modern models, like wireless controls, zoned heating, and variable fan speeds. If something does go wrong, it could become difficult to repair or find spare parts.

SIGN #2: High Energy Repairs Despite Routine Service And Repairs

Regular service keeps a high-quality gas ducted heating system running efficiently. Despite your best efforts, the efficiency will deteriorate with time, especially when compared to advanced systems.

When you have an outdated gas heating system in Melbourne that is not as energy efficient as it should be, your gas expenses will be higher. If you’ve seen an upsurge in your utility costs despite the fact that your heating system’s consumption has been relatively constant, you may consider getting a new unit. You will almost certainly see a significant decrease in your energy expenses if you change to a better efficiency model from reputable brands like Brivis or Braemar.

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SIGN #3: Increasing Repair Costs

Your ducted heating system can break down due to numerous reasons. A rare occurrence is acceptable, but it is not a good sign if the breakdowns occur a lot. You could limit the number of breakdowns by purchasing a high-quality heater that will last far longer than cheaper models and taking excellent care of the heater. Even in the best-case scenario, system failure will undoubtedly occur at some point throughout its lifetime.

Repairs are getting increasingly expensive, making it necessary to replace a ducted gas heater. Furthermore, older systems have the potential for leaks, which might damage your health in the long run.

How To Avoid Costly Repairs And Replacement?

These two guidelines can assist you in taking better care of your ducted heating system while reducing the likelihood of costly repairs or even early replacement.

  1. Replace/Clean Filters Regularly

Changing the air filters in your gas ducted heating system can seem like a little task to do, but it is actually one of the most crucial steps you can take to keep your system in good working order. When the heating system circulates warm air throughout the house, the air must first pass through the filters.

So when the filters are clogged, the system has to work harder to push the air throughout the home, increasing energy consumption. This puts additional strain on the heating system, leading to increased wear and tear on the components. Furthermore, filthy filters contribute to emitting foul odours.

  1. Schedule Routine Ducted Heating Service

Scheduling regular ducted heating service Melbourne from a reputable heating system service company like ComfyHome is another crucial step. A qualified HVAC specialist will examine and clean the system to discover any problems and ensure that the Melbourne ducted heating system is operating at peak performance.

Most of the time, this service is planned before the start of the season so that worn-out or damaged components can be changed before they cause any damage.

Get Professional Help

Getting expert assistance could be beneficial if you are still unsure if it is time to replace your ducted gas heater. Please Contact Us to make an appointment with ComfyHome’s professionals. We would gladly discuss your options with you and determine whether repairing or replacing the existing system is the right approach.

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