Daikin Alira X 4.6kW Split System Air Conditioner New Installation

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Daikin Alira X 4.6kW Split System Air Conditioner- FTXM46WVMA Supply & Install Price from

Daikin Alira X 4.6kW Split System Air Conditioner- FTXM46WVMA Supply & Install Price from


Supply & Install of Daikin Alira X 4.6kW Split System Air Conditioner FTXM46WVMA (New Installation).

Price Subject to on-site inspection*

Brand: Daikin


Daikin Alira X FTXM46WVMA (4.6kW) – Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner FULLY SUPPLY & INSTALLED (New Installation)

Price from: $3,460.00

Subject to on-site inspection*

Price Including:

  • Supply & Install Daikin Alira X 4.6kW FTXM46WVMA / RXM46WVMA
  • Metal Ducting to Conceal Electrical and Pair Coil Connections
  • Poly/Concrete Slab to Secure Outdoor Unit
  • Weatherproof Isolator Switch Installation
  • Condensation Drain Pipe Installation
  • Rubbish Removal from Site
  • 5 Year Daikin’s Manufacturer Warranty
  • 6 Year Workmanship Guaranteed by ComfyHome Heating & Cooling
  • Certificate Of Compliance


  • Back-To-Back Installation
  • Up to 3 metres of pair coil and cable connection between indoor unit (FTXM46WVMA) and outdoor condenser (RXM46WVMA)
  • Up to 15 metres electrical connection from outdoor condenser to main switchboard

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Cooling Capacity (kW)
Heating Capacity (kW)
Indoor Airflow Rate -Cool (H)152173175203
Indoor Airflow Rate - Heat (H)157168183202
Pipe Size - Liquid (mm)
Pipe Size - Gas (mm)
Indoor Unit Weight (Kg)9999
Outdoor Unit Weight (Kg)28303051
Refrigerant TypeR32R32R32R32


  • Refrigerate R32 icon

    R32 Refrigerant

  • Air icon

    Coanda Airflow

  • Inverter-technology-icon

    Inverter Powerful Operation

  • Intelligent icon

    Intelligent Comfort

  • Control icon

    Precision Control

  • Pure air icon

    Air Purification


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