6 Steps to Prepare Your Evaporative Cooling for Summer

The evaporative air cooler, also known as the swamp cooler, is unquestionably one of Australia’s most popular cooling systems. That’s because of their low energy consumption, great cooling efficiency, environmentally friendly nature, and affordable price. So if you want to run your evaporative cooler nonstop throughout the summer months in Melbourne, there are a few measures you need to take to ensure that your unit is ready to maintain a comfortable temperature.

How much does it cost to install evaporative cooling system

Summer months in Melbourne without a cooling solution can become difficult because of the high temperatures. Although air con units are more common than ever before, many homeowners and businesses in Melbourne rely on evap cooling units. And why not, evaporative cooling systems actually claim plenty of convincing reasons for why they should be preferred over air conditioners. In addition to being environmentally friendly, air coolers are significantly less expensive and more cost-effective to operate when compared to air conditioners.

For comparison, a swamp cooler employs just the natural process of evaporation to make the air in your home cooler, as opposed to an air conditioner, which requires nearly constant electrical energy to keep refrigerant circulating through the condenser coils. Even when an evaporative cooler does require energy, it is just for the purpose of operating a fan that blows cool air into your space.

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How To Get Your Evaporative Cooler Ready For Summer

Here is how homeowners in Melbourne can get their evaporative cooling unit prepared to battle sweltering hot summer days:

STEP #1: Clean The Inside And Outside of Evap Unit

If you keep your unit covered over the winter, there shouldn’t be much to clean up in the summer. Simply wipe and clean the entire surface with mild soapy water. If, on the other hand, your ducted evaporative cooler has been out there uncovered, you’ll want to clear away any dead leaves and other debris that has accumulated around the vents and chambers of the cooler. A moist rag is enough to remove dust that has accumulated in corners and difficult-to-reach areas of the unit.

It may be necessary to apply a descaling solution that is specifically designed for evaporative coolers, especially if there is a significant quantity of mineral buildup in the system. You may want to read in detail about how to clean an evaporative cooler.

STEP #2: Replace The Old Filter

It would be best to replace the evap filter once a year, depending on the type of filter you have. If it becomes damaged during the winterization or de-winterization processes, you need to replace it.

If you haven’t replaced the filter before covering the unit at the start of the winter,  you’ll want to do so. If you don’t replace the old filter, it will cause the minerals in water to harden the filter, making it difficult to absorb the necessary amount of water to function properly.

STEP #3: Connect The Water Hose To The Unit

You most likely unplugged the water line prior to the start of cold weather in order to avoid any problems. Now you’ll want to reconnect the hose to the water supply valve and the cooler unit. Ensure that the drain stopper is securely fastened to prevent a water leak from arising later.

STEP #4: Check If There Are Any Leaks

Check for leaks along the waterline and in the cooler’s interior after the water has been running through the system for a few minutes. If a pipe is damaged, you will immediately detect the leakage of water. However, smaller leaks could be more difficult to detect.

In addition to checking for leaks, you should look for rust (which indicates that there may be a leak somewhere that you are unable to detect). Aside from that, it’s a good idea to look over the belt that drives the motor. The belt should be replaced if there are fractures in it, since this will prevent the belt from snapping as the weather becomes warmer.

STEP #5: Run The Evap Unit

You need to apply oil to lubricate the motor. According to the model of your evaporation cooler, it may be necessary to lubricate additional components as well.  Ensure that the water tank of the unit is full before reconnecting the power supply. Check to see that your water pump is operating properly and that the pads are being soaked properly. Also check if the blower is operational and that it can be adjusted. Make use of the thermostat to ensure that the desired temperature is reached within minutes of the system is turned on and running.

You should contact an evaporative cooler professional as soon as you realise that water is leaking or the unit is not working. It is preferable to get your unit summer-ready now to avoid repairs when it gets super hot.

STEP #6: Have The Unit Serviced

Like any other equipment, an evaporative cooler will perform at its peak efficiency if it is serviced and maintained on a regular basis. It is possible that environmental contaminants, dust, or filth will accumulate and make the motor’s duty more difficult. The performance of your swamp cooler is only as good as the way you maintain it. Working with experienced professionals who are familiar with the many components of an evaporative cooler is the right way to do it.

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How To Store An Evaporative Cooler?

To prepare for winter storage, ensure your evaporative cooler has been fully cleaned and all water has been entirely drained from the system. Don’t put it away until everything has had a chance to dry completely – this includes the cooling pads. Making the mistake of storing a moist unit will almost certainly result in mildew and other difficulties the following spring.

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