How To Clean Your Evaporative Cooler?

An evaporative cooler passes outdoor air over water-soaked pads and uses the power of evaporation to cool air temperatures, which also means it collects a lot of dust, pollen, and other particulates. Over time, the accumulation of grime and dirt clogs the filter pads and causes unpleasant smells. If you neglect maintenance for too long, your evaporative cooler can become a perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

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Many homeowners and businesses in Melbourne rely on evaporative cooling systems instead of traditional air conditioners due to their energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendliness. This affordable and environmentally friendly cooling option has many benefits if you properly maintain them and don’t ignore the importance of cleaning.

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Why Does Your Evaporative Cooler Smell?

To understand why your evaporative cooler emits a fishy or musty smell, you have to understand how a swamp cooler works. So, the unit works by moistening filter pads and passing outside air over them. It harnesses the power of evaporation to cool down the warm outdoor air and lowers the indoor temperature by adding humidity to the dry home air.

As the water-soaked pads trap all sorts of contaminants and particulates present in the outdoor air, they start to smell over time. Think of a water-soaked pad as a kitchen sponge. Without proper cleaning and maintenance of the system, the accumulation of dirt and debris starts to make way for the growth of bacteria and mould. As a result, your evaporative cooling system starts emitting fishy or musty smells into your home or workplace.

Eliminating bad smells by simply replacing pads isn’t your only option. However, you can help prolong the pads’ life with cleaning and regular maintenance.

How To Clean Your Evaporative Cooling Unit?

Given that an evaporative cooling unit is not a closed system, regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary. Here is how you can maintain your evap cooling unit so that you can enjoy the best quality clean and cool air.

STEP #1: Drain The Unit

First, you need to drain the evap cooler before cleaning it and turn off the power source for safety. It is important that you must drain and dry the unit once the season is over. Or else, there are strong chances that you’ll have to deal with mould and mildew in the system, which may require more professional cleaning.

STEP #2: Clean The Unit

Take a stiff brush and start scrubbing the inside of the unit, or you can use a kitchen sponge to get rid of debris. Some people first scrub the debris and use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of small particles present in the system.

Next, take a bucket and add dish soap to it. Use a kitchen sponge to fully clean the inside of the unit. If you notice that there are mineral deposits, you’ll have to soak the mineral deposits in a white vinegar solution for about two hours. The high acidity of white vinegar will help remove the deposits and also remove any smells in it. Drain the unit and clean it with water.

STEP #3: Inspect Components

Now that the tank is empty and fully cleaned, you need to check if there are any underlying issues with the system. For example, you may find cracks or leaks that could have been leaking water. If you happen to find any leaks, you can apply a bead of silicone caulking. You may want to search for corrosion in the system, which can be removed with the help of vinegar. Next, check the fan belt and ensure it is not loose.

STEP #4: Deodorise The Unit

Now that you have cleaned the unit, it is time to get rid of the musty smell by filling a spray bottle with 20 to 25 drops of essential oil (your choice) and using it over internal parts of the unit. We recommend mint or lavender for better results.

STEP #5: Clean The Cooling Pads

This is the most important step. You need to closely look at the cooling pads to ensure there is no mould and mildew. If you find any signs, it would be best to replace them with new ones.

If you find that the cooling pads are still in usable condition, you can clean them by making a solution of water + lemon or vinegar and submerging the pads in them for about 60 seconds. Next, reinstall the pads and turn on the evaporative cooler to experience fresh, cool air that smells great.

Beginning of Season and End of Season Evaporative Cooler Care

You already know how to clean your evaporative cooler, but maintaining it requires a little commitment. While you’ll have to clean the unit before the start of the season to enjoy, most homeowners in Melbourne do not pay much attention to their evap cooling units at the end of the season.

It is important that you follow a particular routine once you finish using evap units in the summer. This includes turning off the unit and ensuring it is fully drained. You also have to ensure the filters, water reservoir, and unit are clean and dried before storage. If you don’t follow this routine, your unit is susceptible to mould, mildew, and even corrosion.

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Although you can clean and maintain the evaporative cooling unit yourself, there are always parts and places that only a professional can clean. For instance, the ductwork requires extensive cleaning from professionals if mould has grown inside of it. Therefore, it would be best to call your local evaporative cooling experts to thoroughly clean the unit before you use it in the summer months.

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