How Often Should You Change Evaporative Cooler Pads?

In the dry, hot climate that Melbourne experiences, evaporative cooling systems have found a home as an economical and eco-friendly cooling solution for many. However, a swamp cooler is prone to harbouring mould and mildew when there is a lack of proper maintenance, especially without cleaning and changing cooler pads.

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Many consider the Evap cooling system as an ideal cooling solution for Melbourne’s hot & dry summer months. However, homeowners must be wary that dirty and clogged evap cooler pads can lead to poor indoor air quality, system breakdown, and expensive repairs. Therefore, it is important to know when to clean and replace evaporative cooling pads.

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When Do You Need To Replace Evaporative Cooler Pads?

Generally, it is recommended to clean the pads at least once every year or twice a year (before and after use) and replace them after 2-3 years.

As there are different types of evap cooling pads available on the market, there is no right answer when to change the cooling pads. After all, some pads last for a few months, others last for years. Therefore, the best approach is to consider several factors and condition of the pads to decide whether you need to replace or clean them. Let’s take a look at the factors:

FACTOR #1: Reduced Airflow

The most obvious sign of dirty, worn-out pads is that you’ll notice a decrease in the cooling capacity of the evap cooler. If the cooler is not cooling your home as effectively as before, it could be due to the pads that require cleaning or changing. In most cases, the pads require replacement because particles and debris accumulate over the course of the pad’s lifetime, which reduces airflow and affects your health.

FACTOR #2: Environmental Factors

The average lifespan of evap cooler pads is affected by the local climate and water quality. Given that there are no such “ideal conditions” for the pads, you have to consider the factor that minerals will accumulate in the pads after some time. If you clean the pads regularly, the build-up of minerals won’t be a problem. However, there is a slow reduction in their effectiveness when it comes to trapping airborne particulates.

FACTOR #3: Mould and Mildew

One of the common queries we have is “why does my evaporative cooler smell,” and the primary reason is dirty or clogged cooling pads. While the accumulation of minerals slowly reduces the effectiveness of the unit, the pads become an ideal environment for the growth of bacterial mould and mildew. Although you can clean the pads with a solution of water and white vinegar, there is no option but to replace them if they are damaged or disintegrated.

FACTOR #4: The Material

Some pads are made from plastic or melamine paper and require changing every year, while others could last several years. You need to check the user manual to know what type of evap cooler pads you have. Experts recommend going for a one-time investment of high-quality pads rather than buying average-quality pads every season.

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Benefits of Changing Evaporative Cooler Pads

An evaporative cooler supplies 100% clean and fresh air into your home. Considered as one of the healthiest cooling options, an evaporative cooler is perfect for people with asthma and allergies. However, it can make you sick if you do not pay much attention to regularly cleaning the unit, especially the pads. A time comes when cleaning the pads is no longer a viable option and replacing them with new ones is the best approach. Here are a few benefits to changing evap cooling unit pads that you need to know:

Enhanced Efficiency

The buildup of dirt, dust, minerals, and debris in the pads drastically reduces the unit’s cooling performance. It also starts to build-up in your home’s ductwork and makes the unit work harder to cool the place as effectively as it should. In addition, if you replace worn-out filters with new ones, there will be a noticeable change in the unit’s efficiency.

Reduced Energy Bills

Although an evap unit consumes a lot less energy compared to a traditional air conditioner, it can start costing you a lot if the clogged pads reduce airflow and make the unit work harder to provide adequate cooling to your home. Given that Australians use 40% of their household energy on heating and cooling systems, you can significantly reduce energy consumption with the simple step of installing new pads.

Better Air Quality

Your evap cooler’s pads collect dust, dirt, pollen, mould spores, airborne particles, and microorganisms, which then circulate in your home if you do not clean or change the pads. Dirty evap cooler pads are ideal for the growth of mould, bacteria, and fungi. If you or a family member has asthma or allergies, it is extremely important that you change the filters. Changing the filters also ensures you do not get to experience stale, musty smell inside your home.

Longer Lasting Unit

Regular maintenance of the evap cooler and changing of pads play a pivotal role in prolonging the life of the cooling system. It prevents expensive repairs and unexpected breakdowns from saving your money in the long run.

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To ensure your evap cooler stays operational and performs efficiently, you need to clean and replace the pads – there is no other way around it. Try to consult with your local evaporative cooling expert to know more about how often you need to change the cooler pads.

If you have any questions about changing evap cooler pads, please feel free to contact us. We take pride in offering evaporative cooling installation, evaporative cooling repair, evaporative cooling service, and evap cooling replacement services in Melbourne. Contact Us today to schedule your evap cooler maintenance appointment.

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