How Often Should I Service My Evaporative Cooler?

Many homeowners in Melbourne rely on evaporative cooling in the summer months. While installing it is the first step to cost-effective cooling, it is important to understand that evap cooling systems require routine service checks to ensure that they are functioning properly.

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For your Melbourne home, there is no better way to beat hot summer days than with an evaporative cooling system. One of the most notable benefits of an evaporative cooler is that it is a straightforward solution. Because it does not require complicated engineering or the usage of refrigerant, it provides a better, healthier cooling solution while still keeping you cool and comfortable indoors.

Just like any other appliance, your evap cooling unit also requires routine service and maintenance to perform optimally. So, let’s dive into how often you need to service your evaporative cooling system and how to clean an evap cooling unit.

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How Often Should I Service My Evaporative Cooler?

The frequency with which evaporative cooling should be maintained varies depending on the brand and type of the unit.  The basic recommendations for ensuring optimal efficiency might range from yearly checkups to having the cooling system evaluated once every 2 years, depending on its usage and care. At ComfyHome, we recommend homeowners and businesses to service their evaporative coolers once a year.

An evaporative cooling system service check generally comprises of several tasks. While you can take care of the basic cleaning, having a professional come in to inspect the system is required to review more complex operations.

The professionals also inspect the water level in the reservoir and the tension of the belts in the system, among other things. Examining the filter pads is crucial since it is a good indicator of how much water is being evaporated and also because the cooling effectiveness of the system is dependent on ensuring that the pads are receiving a consistent soaking. It is also critical for the sake of efficiency that the pads stay wet at all times.

How To Clean A Swamp Cooler?

Here is how you can clean your evaporative cooler to ensure it is in good working order and functioning smoothly summer after summer:

STEP #1: Make Sure To Unplug Before Cleaning

When it comes to electrical equipment, this is the first thing to remember. It is extremely imperative that you turn off the equipment and unplug it from the power source before doing any cleaning work. You should unplug the device fully from the wall outlet if you are not going to use it for a long period of time. Simply turning off the switch is not sufficient.

STEP #2: Thoroughly Clean The Exterior of The Unit

You might believe that the outside of your air cooler has nothing to do with its overall performance, but this is not always true. In order to achieve evaporative cooling, every part of your air cooler must be in good working order, and an untidy exterior will reduce the amount of cooling you can get from it.

When cleaning the outside, it’s important to be cautious of the cleaner you’re using. Avoid using strong chemical cleaners or benzene on your air cooler since they have the potential to harm the paint on it. You can use a delicate cloth dampened with warm water combined with a little soap to clean the surface. While it will complete the task, it will not expose your cooler to the risk of rust.

STEP #3: Check And Clean The Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are a vital part of evaporative coolers. The condition of the cooling pads impacts its overall performance. Dirty pads hinder cooling and contaminate the air and become a cause of triggering asthma and allergies. No matter what type of evap cooling pads your system has, it is important to clean them at least once a month. Clean the evap cooler pads at least once a month. If you don’t clean them more often, they can cause bad smells.

Ideally, manufacturers will specify how long a cooling pad should be used before changing it. It is recommended to change the pads more frequently than suggested. A fresh and clean pad guarantees that the air cooler functions efficiently and delivers healthy air.

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STEP #4: Clean And Check The Pump

It is important to check the pumps because they play a critical role in the cooling process. The evap system’s pump gathers dust and debris, causing it to become clogged. If you do not know how to clean the pump of an evaporative cooler, you should seek the assistance of a professional in this field.

Remove any dirt from the pump screen and check to see that the impeller is turning freely. This means that you will have to replace the pump shaft if it becomes stuck. Without a properly functioning pump, there will be an inadequate supply of water to the cooling pads, which will significantly impact cooling performance.

STEP #5: Clean The Water Tank

Unchanged water can cause severe allergies and bad odours in the cooler, and it will also have a detrimental effect on the evap unit’s cooling process itself. To maintain the water clean, you can change the water periodically and use chemical tablets in your water tank, which will help disinfect the water. If you are not using the cooler, you must ensure that the water tank is completely drained.

We often get a query of “how do I keep mosquitoes out of my evaporative cooler?” Well, you have to understand that standing water serves as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The best way to prevent mosquitoes and smell is to remove standing water from the tank and clean it well with mild soapy water before emptying the water via the drain plug. Before replacing and tightening the screws in the back panel, double-check that it is properly installed.

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Hire A Professional Evaporative Cooling Services Provider

You have to understand that even during the summer, your swamp cooler will require frequent maintenance, typically consisting of checking that the pads are in good working condition and that the unit is clean. In addition, check the water level in the unit regularly, and listen for unusual noises coming from the engine and pump. Unusual noises or water leakage will necessitate servicing, and to guarantee safe operation, make sure your swamp cooler is in good operating condition before turning it on for the first time.

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