How Much Will It Cost Me To Run An Air Conditioner In Melbourne?

As summer months in Melbourne can be frustratingly unbearable, most homeowners turn on the aircon without a second thought – after all, there should be no compromise on comfort. But have you ever wondered how much does it cost to run an air conditioner? Spoiler: It’s not as much as you think it is.

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Aircon Melbourne has become a necessary component of almost every home, which explains why cooling and heating account for an average of 40% of household consumption. As the energy bills inevitably soar due to the unavoidable use of air conditioners, homeowners often query how much it costs to run your air conditioner in Melbourne.

Depending on the type of air conditioner you use and other variables that we will discuss later, the running cost can vary quite significantly.

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Air Conditioner Melbourne?

Melbournians prefer setting AC temperature in the low-mid 20s, but it is essential to understand choosing the right temperature for the summer can cut the energy costs.

Let’s assume that you run an air conditioner with 2.5kW power for about 6 hours daily at a rate of 26.6 cents per kWh. If you set the cooling temperature at about 24 C°, it will cost $54.43. For 23 C°, it will be $59.10 and $66.87 for 22 C°. If you run it at 21 C°, it will be $73.10.

So you can see that the cost to run an air conditioner depends on the temperature you select, and setting the proper cooling temperature can save your hard-earned money.

What Is The Best Temperature For An Aircon? 

Although the ideal air conditioner temperature is between 25°C and 27°C in Australian summer, it can change based on where you live and how hot and humid it gets during the summer months.

As the climate in Melbourne is subtropical oceanic and summers can get hot and warm, the ideal aircon temperature is between 23-25°C.

How To Calculate Your Air Conditioner Running Cost?

There is a simple formula to calculate the running cost of air conditioning or ducted air conditioning. To work out the estimated running cost / per hour of Ducted Air Conditioning, use one of the following equations;

Power Input and E.E.R. (Energy Efficient Ratio) should be listed in the Energy Star Label or specifications of the system. At the same time, the kilowatt-hour cost can be found on your last electricity bill.

Scenario: If your  Ducted Air Conditioning System has a 16kW cooling capacity, and the E.E.R. is 3.13, the power input will be (16 / 3.13 = 5.11 kW). If your local electricity cost kWh is 40 cents, your Ducted Air Conditioning System may cost around (5.11 x 0.4 = $ 2.04) per hour to run.

Please note that this is an estimation of running cost for reference ONLY; actual running cost may vary depending on your local energy provider, zoning, temperature setting, climate environment, and your system’s capacity.

Factors That Affect Your Aircon Running Cost

It’s not just the cooling temperature that affects the running cost. Other factors play a role in the operating costs of your aircon.

1: Type of Air Conditioner

You can find different types of air conditioners on the market, such as Split System Ducted Refrigerated System Evaporative Cooling systems, etc. While each air conditioning system comes with its pros and cons, choosing the RIGHT AC system for your home or business is important. For instance, several split air conditioners in the house might have higher running costs than ducted refrigerated air conditioning.

2: Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most significant factors that determine the running cost of an AC. An air conditioner’s high energy-efficiency ratio (E.E.R.) means it will save more on energy bills. It would be best if you talked with a  certified cooling expert to discuss your options.

3: Room Size

If you have a split aircon, the room size is a huge factor to consider. You don’t want to use a small aircon for a bigger room – there may not be effective cooling and the air conditioner might require more electricity to cool the space. On the other hand, an air conditioner with a high cooling capacity may use more energy than needed. Therefore, you need to choose an air conditioner based on room size. Read this to know more about what size air conditioner you need.

4: Duration of Use

As with any electrical appliance, the cost will increase the longer you use it. And it is no different for an air conditioner as well. Using an AC for over 8 hours a day may cost more than a household that uses it for 4-5 hours a day. However, you can counter it by ensuring the AC runs at the ideal temperature. In other words, don’t make it too chilly there.

5: Air Conditioner Installation

Yeah, an improperly installed air conditioner can have a lot of problems ranging from insulation to breakdowns. Therefore, it is imperative to go with the best air conditioner installation company in Melbourne. Read these best tips for hiring a cooling company.

5 Tips On How To Reduce Air Conditioning Running Costs

Is it possible to keep your home cool and comfortable in the summer without emptying your bank? Well, it is pretty much achievable if you follow these tips:

TIP #1: Install The Right Sized Unit:

Never go for an air conditioner too big or too small for your room

TIP #2: Turn It Up One Degree:

Avoid Going Too Cold In Summer

TIP #3: Check The Star Rating:

Go For An AC with High EER

TIP #4: Insulate Your Home:

Don’t Let The Cool Air Get Away

TIP #5: Maintenance:

Have The Unit Serviced Regularly

So, Is Air Conditioning Expensive To Run In Melbourne?

There is an old proverb that excess of everything is bad. Can we say the same about running an air conditioner? If you keep it running non-stop, then it will definitely cost you a lot. However, you can significantly reduce the running cost by following the tips mentioned above.

If you have any queries about how it costs to run air conditioning, it would be best to consult with an expert at ComfyHome.

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