How Much Does It Cost To Run Your Ducted Heating?

As heating and cooling accounts for 40% of your home’s energy consumption, you’d be inclined to consider a gas ducted heating system. After all, the energy efficiency of a ducted heating system makes it popular among households in Melbourne. But what is the cost of running ducted gas heating? Is it really worth it?

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Ducted Heating has become popular in Melbourne owing to the many benefits it offers, including the ability to provide instant warmth and reduced energy costs. These systems have been gaining more traction in recent years because of their energy-efficient technology. Moreover, the gas heating system reduces the carbon footprint, thereby lowering the country’s overall emissions due to the high reliance on coal to produce electricity.

Depending on the ducted heating brand and the energy star rating, along with the other variables, the cost of running your gas ducted heating system in Melbourne can vary. So, without further delay, let’s look at the expense of running gas heating and factors that may affect the running costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Run Ducted Heating In Melbourne?

Given that a ducted heating system runs on gas to provide consistent whole-house heating, it has the lowest running cost and is considered a more cost-effective heating alternative than electricity.

The calculations below are taken from Sustainability Victoria. They are approximate annual costs of running a gas ducted heater in Melbourne and should be used as a guide only.

The running costs of gas ducted heating

How To Calculate Ducted Gas Heater Running Cost?

Suppose that the single rate tariff for a residential customer like you is 2.19 c/MJ. Given that the energy consumption of gas heaters is listed in kWh, you can calculate the equivalent MJ by multiplying 3.6 to the kWh value.

In the next step, you will need to multiply your state’s current or average gas rate with the MJ value to find the cost of running a gas ducted heating system per hour. Now, multiply the cost per hour with the number of hours you use the ducted gas heating system in a day and the number of days.

What Affects Ducted Heating Running Costs?

While the calculations mentioned above can provide a fair bit of idea about how much does ducted gas heating costs, actual energy costs will depend on other varying factors such as:

  • Size of home (the area that is being heated)
  • The insulation of your home
  • Your thermostat settings
  • Brand of your gas ducted heating system
  • Energy star rating
  • Zoning capabilities
  • The amount of time the heating system runs
  • Your energy tariffs

If the running cost is a big cause of concern for you, consider replacing your old gas ducted heating system with an advanced heating system that has a better energy rating. For ducted heating replacement Melbourne, there is no better option than ComfyHome.

Tips On How To Reduce Ducted Heating Running Cost

As you crank up the heating during the colder months to stay warm, the energy bills will soar to increase financial pressure on you. To prevent it from happening, these are some practical ways to reduce ducted heating running costs in Melbourne:

TIP #1: First and foremost, start by lowering your thermostat. Setting the thermostat to 18-20°C can help you stay warm and save on energy bills.

TIP #2: Use zoning to warm only those rooms that require heating. With a zoned system, you can selectively turn heating on and off for commonly used rooms. It ensures you don’t waste money warming up spaces that are usually empty.

TIP #3: Turn off the system when no one is at home. There’s no better feeling than entering a cosy home during a frosty Melbourne night. However, it can significantly increase energy bills. Given that ducted heating systems quickly warm up the place, you can turn on the system once you’re at home.

TIP #4: Consider a different tariff if you use a gas ducted heating system during low-demand periods.

TIP #5: Have your home fully insulated. Make sure to insulate your windows, floor, and roof. Good insulation of your home will help minimise heat loss and reduce heating costs.

TIP #6: Shut the curtains at night and leave them open during the daytime to keep your home warm naturally.

TIP #7: Most importantly, have the unit regularly serviced. Ducted heating service Melbourne can help reduce running costs and prolong your heating system’s life.

How Expensive Is It To Run Ducted Heating In Melbourne?

It won’t be wrong to say that a gas ducted heating system is less expensive to run in Melbourne. Given that Australia produces most of its electricity with coal (which is expensive), a heating alternative that uses gas is a much better pocket-friendly and environmentally-friendly option. Moreover, you can save on energy bills with zoning options that allow you to heat only those commonly used rooms in the home.

However, a gas ducted heating system could become expensive if you are experiencing any issues with your heating system and neglecting them. If a qualified technician does not address the problems within the required timeframe, your ducted gas heating might need expensive repairs or even a changeover.

Reduce Ducted Heating Running Cost With Proper Installation

An improperly installed ducted heating system can have a significantly higher running cost. An experienced heating contractor can save you significant time and money. Not only does a professional installer require less time to complete the job, but it can also be the difference between your heating system not working properly and it working efficiently. With ComfyHome, you get a 6-Year Workmanship Warranty.

Contact us if you have any queries related to ducted heating running cost or how much it costs to install ducted heating in Melbourne.


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