How Much Does It Cost To Install A Gas Ducted Heating System

When it comes to Gas Ducted Heating, many Melbourne homeowners are put off by the installation costs that are connected with it. However, the extra versatility and performance that such a system provides can significantly save your energy bills for many years to come. The question then becomes, how much does ducted heating installation cost?

Gas Ducted Heating in Melbourne

At ComfyHome, our response to a standard query of how much ducted heating installation cost in Melbourne is that “it depends.”

Ducted gas heating Melbourne is one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient heating methods. The system distributes heat throughout the entire house.  These systems effectively heat your home, regardless of how cold the weather outside may be.

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Pros And Cons of Gas Ducted Heating System

How Much Does Gas Ducted Heating Installation Cost?

One of the most cost-effective ways to save money is to replace an old, inefficient heating system. An investment now could pay off handsomely in the long run in terms of savings. The cost of installing a ducted gas heating system ranges from $3,000 to $10,000, depending on the brand you choose, the size of your home and the Energy Star Rating of the unit you select.

The price of ducted heating varies depending on where you reside in the country. When it comes to installation expenses, labour is the most significant factor in determining the overall cost of the operation. A heating and air conditioning installer must be certified to do gas connections, and electrical work and have had specific training in HVAC installation.

How Much Does It Cost To Run Gas Ducted Heating In Melbourne?

Gas ducted heating is a cost-effective choice for whole-house heating, particularly when considering the low operating expenses. The lowest operating expenses of any heating system are usually always found with gas ducted heating when compared to any other system. Despite its low efficiency, gas ducted heating is efficient compared to alternative heating systems, such as electric heat or the heating function on a split system air conditioning system.

Sustainability Victoria estimates that the ballpark cost of heating an entire home (160-170 m2) with gas ducted heating will be $950 per year with a 6 Star heating system.

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Factors That Affect Ducted Heating Installation Cost

Several factors can impact the cost of ducted heating installation in Melbourne. Here are a few of the aspects that you should take into consideration, as they can influence the cost of ducted heating installation:

FACTOR #1: The Brand You Choose

The quality of most devices and the cost of ducted heating are primarily determined by the ducted heater’s brand. As a result, several manufacturers have made significant investments in the development of advanced and energy-efficient ducted heating systems for both homes and businesses. This competitiveness in the market, on the other hand, is an advantage for customers since it allows them to get the best systems and save money. The result is that manufacturers strive to dominate the market by developing high-quality brands at low costs.

The effectiveness of a ducted heater is typically determined by the brand behind it. Two of the most popular and trusted ducted heating systems are Brivis Ducted Heating and Braemar Ducted Heating.

FACTOR #2: The Size of Gas Ducted Heater

After choosing the manufacturer of ducted heater that you want, it is also important to remember that the cost of ducted heating is impacted by the size of the ducted heater you choose. The price of a ducted heater increases in direct proportion to its size. Having stated that, you will have to make a decision on what to acquire based on your budget. It should be stressed that the installation of an inconveniently small ducted heater in an expansive space may result in an excessive amount of energy being consumed.

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FACTOR #3: The Complexity of Installation

It is possible that the ductwork will be challenging to reach in some situations. In older homes with enclosed systems, this is a common occurrence. If this is the case, the cost of installation may increase dramatically as a result of the additional construction work that will be required. If the electrical system has to be changed, it might also increase the project’s cost.

FACTOR #4: Ductwork Installation

If you already have a Melbourne ducted heating system in place, the cost of a ducted heating replacement system will be cheaper than the cost of installing a new system. Because you will already have ductwork, vents, and controls, only the heating unit may need to be replaced. However, if this is the first time you’re installing a ducted heating system, the cost will increase due to installing a ducting system.

FACTOR #5: Add-On Cooling

Add-On Cooling is a popular type of cooling system that can be placed alongside a new Gas Ducted Heating system, using the same ducts and vents as the current system. The benefit of add-on cooling is that you won’t need separate systems for the summer and winter months. Instead, you can use a ducted heating system for year-round comfort.

Hire An Experienced Ducted Heating Installation Company

The installation of ducted heating is a significant financial commitment. Consequently, hiring someone who can complete the task professionally and at an affordable price is critical. Never choose a business that delivers a quotation without having visited the site or a much lower quote than the competition. Please read this informative piece on factors to consider when hiring an HVAC contractor.

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