How Much Does It Cost To Install A Ducted Heating System

Are you in Melbourne or any other place in Australia? Do you wish to know the installation costs for a ducted heating system? Learn here:

Are you looking for places in which you can save money in your home in Melbourne or any other area of Australia for that matter? One of the best things you can do is to replace an inefficient heating system. Of course, you will have to bear the cost of buying the heating system and even the installation charges. However, in the long run, the money you spend on these things will turn out to be an effective tool to save on your energy costs.

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Are you thinking about buying a ducted heating system? It is also referred to by other names like gas or central heating system. The average cost of this system will be somewhere around $5000 to $9000. Are you wondering why this much difference in the minimum and the maximum cost? The reason is that the ducted heating system that you choose relies on different factors. Examples include the size of your home and the efficiency of the unit.

Proper Installation Is A Must

Not just the ducted heating cost of buying but even the ducted heating installation cost relies on different factors. Particularly, the cost varies based on the area in which you live in Australia. When talking about the installation charges, the money you will have to spend on labour consumes the most part. Just to cut down on the cost, you should not choose a novice. The reason is that an improper installation can take a toll on your electricity charges in the future. Even it can have an impact on the proper functioning of the entire system.

When you compare an installation service for your ducted heating, you should remember one thing for sure. Yes, the installer should have the appropriate certification to take care of electric work and gas fittings and should have obtained the HVAC Training.

Median National Installation Rate in Australia

When talking about labour costs connected with the overall ducted heating installation cost, the per-hour labour cost applicable to different areas of Australia is listed below:

S. No. Name of the City Average Labor Cost For Heating Installation (per work hour)
1. Adelaide $27
2. Sydney $25
3. Hobart $24
4. Melbourne $26
5. Darwin $37
6. Brisbane $27
7. Perth $28
8. Canberra $28

What Do Installers Consider When Deciding The Overall Installation Charges?

You might be thinking that the initial ducted heating cost, which means the money you will have to spend on buying this unit, will differ based on different factors. For instance, it differs based on the size of the ducted heating system your home needs and the brand you shortlist for your home. Not only the initial purchasing cost but even the installation cost will differ based on the factors mentioned below:

Brand of the Ducted Heating System

As you know, you can find ducted heating systems from different brands in Australia. Like other products, the ducted heating systems from some brands cost more, while in some brands, the cost will be affordable. As claimed by most manufacturers, the cost differs based on the quality. You might come across affordable units. However, the actual cost, in the long run, might be expensive as you will have to spend on the malfunctioning parts.

When you shortlist a particular brand, do enquire whether it will be cost-effective to run and will resist corrosion. Also, the parts should be easy to replace and gettable. When you choose cheaper brands, you might not be able to get replacement parts and even if you find the cost will be more. When talking about ducted heating installation costs, some brands even provide free labour on installation. So, check on this before you buy.

The Size of your Home

The ducted heating installation cost will differ based on the size of your home as well. You know that each property is different. So, every property needs a customized solution to suit the layout and design. Here are a few examples to help you gain a better understanding of the installation cost based on the size of your property.


Apart from the factors mentioned above, other factors like the location of your home in Australia, the controllers that you plan to install, and the difficulty of installation will decide the installation charges you will have to bear. When you plan to get a quote from an installation service, it is better to check whether they can reach your home personally and give a detailed estimation against getting a quotation over the phone.

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