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When it comes to home appliances, Haier is one of the world’s leading brands. Their reputation as a designer and manufacturer of high-quality home appliances extends to their heating and cooling systems, with a wide range of innovative systems available. With a focus on internet connectivity and smart home living, Haier’s air conditioning systems can be controlled from anywhere with your smartphone or with voice control through a smart home system. Specialised sensors and software optimise heating, cooling and airflow, reducing energy use. Talk to our experts today for more information.


Split System




Dawn’s Eco-pilot sensor uses light and motion sensors to enable your air conditioner to operate economically. By monitoring motion in the surrounding area, your Dawn will vary its airflow to create the ideal conditions.




Dust accumulates at the evaporator when air conditioners are running. Our patented self-cleaning technology freezes the evaporator and utilises the expansion force of the ice water condensation to remove dirt and harmful particles.Haier’s Cold Expansion Technology increases the condensing water volume and optimises the evaporating temperature through capacity and fan speed control.




With convenient infrared remote control and the option to add WiFi connectivity for access from anywhere. Evaporator self-cleaning technology takes the hassle out keeping things nice and clean.




When the unit is working in dry mode the indoor fan motor speed is adjusted automatically according to the temperature gap between setting temperature and room temperature. To achieve mild or strong dehumidification.Airflow is directed in the ideal direction to maximise efficiency

High Wall

High Wall


The Internet era is a diverse and unconventional time, where “one size fi ts all” products and solutions simply are not enough. Customers want to be treated as individuals and respected for who they are. Everyone wants their unique lifestyle acknowledged. That is why Haier listens closely to you in order to gain a genuine understanding of what is going on in your life and what is on your mind so each of you can get the smart home experience you deserve: be it simple, sophisticated, organized or enjoyable. As a worldwide industry leader, Haier innovates beyond products and solutions and turns the organization into a
wholly connected platform. In doing so, internal and external resources are connected quickly and easily. We believe only by doing so, we can best meet our consumers’ expectations in this rapidly evolving world. Be part of the Haier Network. Create new possibilities.


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