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What is Gas Ducted Heating?

Gas Ducted Heating is a ducted heating system that is situated either in your roof or under your floor (depending on available space for the system). As the name suggests, it uses natural gases to produce heat which is then distributed through your home. This is done by drawing air from outside and heating it then the fan gently pushes it trough a series of ducts and out of the vents throughout your home, Providing a gentle steady airflow.

What are the running costs with Gas Ducted Heating?

The Running costs of gas ducted heating can vary, however choosing a good quality higher star rating (EG : 5- 7 Star rating) gas ducted heating system compared to split systems will save you annually on your running costs as it uses less electricity than other heating options by also reducing less gases this provides a greater environmental benefit.

Highly Efficient

Using a combination of zoning systems in your home,you have the choice of areas in your home that you want to heat.

Requires very little maintenance

Ensuring you further savings


Using only natural or LPG (liquid petroleum gas) Gas. Making this an economical choice.

Extremely Versatile

Either using underfloor or ceiling and more Ducted gas heating has the ability to suit any home.

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ComfyHome adheres to a customer-centric approach in a bid to provide premium heating and cooling solutions that fulfill your needs and align with your budget. We bring you convenience, affordability, and quality of service you won’t find anywhere else.

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I was fishing for competent advice and service for my home’s cooling solution when I stumbled on to Comfy Home’s website. Lovely people to deal with! They were absolutely professional and polite from the get go to till the end. A satisfied customer.
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The serviceman assigned to me was patient and listened to all my concerns and demands before putting forward his recommendation of evaporative cooling solution. Honestly, I couldn’t be any happier! 10/10 for service, product, and professionalism.
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Loved these guys as soon as I got in touch. They were eager to get my business but never tried typical slimy sales tactics on me. Gave my questions and opinions a lot of respect before their highly skillful servicemen installed the cooling system. Comfy Home is an easy recommend.
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