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Evaporative Cooling vs Ducted Air Conditioning


Air conditioning systems keep us comfortable during the summer. But, do you want to compare evaporative and ducted air conditioning? You are in the right place.

Naturally, you wish to compare evaporative cooling and ducted air conditioning systems before choosing one for your home. Before we start comparing the ins and outs of these two air conditioning variants, let us first throw some light on the basic details:

Evaporative Cooling System

What is Evaporative Cooling System?

As against conventional air conditioning systems, evaporative cooling systems follow a different and innovative approach to cool your property. As you can understand from its name, this system cools the air by evaporating water.

How does it Cool your Home?

Do you know that as compared to other types of air conditioning systems, the evaporative cooling system is popular in dry climate regions? Yes, this is why experts state that this type of air conditioner suits the best for the properties located in the Southern states of Australia. When it comes to humid regions, this system provides relief cooling.

This system cools using nature’s own evaporative system. Can you understand? It works by drawing the hot air through a series of filters that are hydrated using water. This hot air absorbs hydration. How does it absorb? It absorbs through evaporation on a ducted system. But, how does the cold air reach the rooms in your home? It reaches each room in your property through outlets and ducts. The moist and cool air that reaches each room in your home absorbs heat from them. It expels the air via an open window or door in each room through a vent or an air outlet.

What Level of Cooling can you expect from Evaporative Cooling System?

In reality, you cannot find a precise answer to this question. Do you know the reason? The reason is that different conditions affect the performance and operation of an evaporative air conditioning system. The process of cooling that this system follows is natural. So, it relies on humidity and temperatures. In turn, the level of cooling produced by an evaporative cooling system differs.

To make it easy to understand, the dryer and hotter the climate, better cooling can be achieved with this system. When you install this system in your home, you will notice that on some days, there is a huge difference between the temperature inside and outside your home. But, on some days, the difference will be very meager. It does not mean that there is a fault in your unit. It happens because of the changes in the climatic conditions.

How Much Comfort Is Possible With An Evaporative Cooling System?

Indeed, the level of comfort you get from an air conditioner is a factor to consider when you compare different types of systems. When talking about comfort, you can get it in different forms. Examples include air movement and temperature. When you take the case of evaporative cooling systems, they create a drop in temperature. Also, they create air movement in your property. Both these events will increase the humidity levels in your home. But, the cool air will reduce this discomfort. Each one of us needs moisture to be present in the air and you can expect this from happening with an evaporative cooling system in your home.

Ducted Air Conditioning System

What is a Ducted Air Conditioning System?

Ducted air conditioning is claimed to be the most efficient cooling system for homes as per today’s market conditions. The reason is you can cool each room in your home using this single system.

How does it cool your home?

A ducted Air conditioning system is the best for big houses with more than three rooms. Also, in Australia, it best suits Queensland Climatic conditions. When you install this system in your home, you can get complete control over the temperature within your house.

This system works with a help of a refrigerant. The refrigerant runs through a small pipe that draws the heat in the air from one area to another. This happens from the main central unit that installers recommend placing on the roof of your home. They do this installation via a series of ducts that passes through every room on your property. Zoned air circulation can happen in your property with this system. In turn, you can gain complete control over the flow of air, temperature and even you can turn off any zones in your home that remain unused. As a result, you can control the running costs and can keep the temperature in your home comfortable for Queensland climatic conditions with cold winters and hot summers.

Level of cooling

The good thing about a ducted air conditioning system is that you can gain complete control over the level of cooling you need. For instance, if no one occupies a room in your home, you can just cut off the supply of cool air to that room. In turn, the other rooms get a better level of cooling. Also, you can control the temperature of the cool air as per your comfort level.

How About Comfort?

You can combine the ducted air conditioning system with a dehumidifier. By doing this, you can reduce the level of moisture in your home to get the utmost comfort. Another factor that makes this unit comfortable is the lesser noise it produces as compared to an evaporative cooling system.

Comparing Evaporative and Ducted Air Conditioning

You are here to compare these two systems to choose the best. Here is a table to show the same:

S. No. Comparison Factor Evaporative Cooling System Ducted Air Conditioning System
1. Running Cost The running cost of this system is cheaper because it uses the natural evaporation process The running cost will be more comparatively because it removes the hot air from your home completely and then replaces it with cold air.
2. Service Needs It should be serviced once a year or at least once every two or three years for cleaning dirty pads. To ensure optimum running, a ducted air conditioning system should be serviced once a year.
3. Zoning Capability Not possible Possible


In short, each system has its own ins and outs. So, to decide on the right cooling system for your needs, the best thing you can do is to talk to an HVAC expert in Comfyhome Heating & Cooling Melbourne.