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Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

What Is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning is one of the leading choices of air conditioning available on the market. Ducted air conditioning is a whole-home heating and cooling system that runs on electricity. It uses inverter technology – a unit is installed outside your home and connected via a series of ducts that distribute cool (or warm) air throughout your home. Get a ducted air conditioning installation service carried out by experienced and licenced professionals. The team at ComfyHome have more than four decades of combined experience. They can install a ducted air conditioning system for you at your property that runs at optimum performance for many years to come.

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Why Choose A Ducted Air Conditioning Installation?

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning provides quiet, cost-effective climate control in every room of the house. Heat is distributed evenly and consistently during winter, while cool air is circulated during summer, ensuring your home is comfy all year round. ComfyHome Heating Cooling is a leader for heating cooling systems in Melbourne and is well-versed with ducted air conditioning installation. Our qualified technicians will advise you on the best system to fit any size requirement for your home or business.

Installing a ducted air conditioning unit at your property means you’ll be able to heat or cool each room individually as needed. The ability to control zoned temperatures results in minimum running costs, saving you money in power bills and reducing your carbon footprint.


What Are The Running Costs With Ducted Air Conditioning?

Get a ducted air conditioning installation for your property carried out by a licensed technician and enjoy cost-effective heating and cooling solutions for years to come. Speak to one of our knowledgeable tea about the best suited ducted air conditioning system for your needs and expect to spend around $3/hour to keep cool in summer and $1.85/hour to stay warm in winter. These figures will also depend on your system’s energy efficiency and how many zones or rooms you want cooled/heated.

There are several ways to reduce running costs:

  • Zone systems do cost more than standard systems to install but are well worth it. A zoned system allows you to cool or warm selected rooms at selected times, which can dramatically lower your running costs.
  • The energy rating of your ducted system will also play a big part in the overall running costs.
  • Your ducted system could become more energy efficient by using solar power storage when operating.

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How Does Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Work?

A condenser unit is positioned outside your home, in the ceiling or under the floor. The condenser is connected to ducts or grilles in each room that spread clean, refrigerated air throughout your home or workplace.

Heating is provided by reversing the operation of the air conditioner. Instead of expelling the hot air and circulating cool air, it does the reverse; this is where the name ‘reverse cycle’ air conditioning comes from. A ComfyHome air conditioning technician can carry out a ducted air conditioning installation at your property for comfy climate control all year round!

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ComfyHome Recommendations for Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

Our ducted heating and cooling systems are flexible and can be customised for any application. We recommend premium brands such as Daikin for their energy-efficient advanced inverter technology.

System Sizing (Estimated size of rooms)

7-10 Kw – Small house
12-14 Kw – Medium house
17-25 Kw- Large house

The costs for complete installation of ducted refrigeration air conditioning depend on the capacity kw of the unit, the zone designs, the number of outlets and the complexity of the job itself.

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