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Don’t forget to check your air ducts!!


Our technicians took these photos when they attend the appointment, judging from the photos, you can cleary see some of the ducts do really need to be replaced.

Leaks on the ducts are not only affect the performance of your heating and cooling system, it will also take the outside dust and tiny chips, even rats or possums in your system and your house. What you can not see does not mean they are not exist!

Don’t delay the service to your heating and cooling system, even if they are currently working “fine”, the dust and germ growing inside of the unit and ducts are affecting your health and also keep damaging your heating and cooling system. Act now before paying extra for fixing or replacing the system, also for your own family’s good.

At Comfyhome, we understand your demands and come up with a smart custom in-house solution just for you.
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