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Can Air Conditioning Really Influence Learning?


When it comes to learning, environmental factors can make a big difference to students of all ages. However, there’s another less visible factor that can also influence a learning environment for better or worse: air.

Why does heat have such an impact on our ability to learn? Well for a start, studies have shown that when a classroom is too hot, the brain is constantly reminding the body to do something about the temperature, and because of this constant interruption, it’s harder to focus. But it’s not just students who are impacted by heat – teachers also struggle, meaning less energy is put into the lessons they’re teaching, and less attention is given to their students. Similarly, studies have demonstrated that when the temperature in a classroom is too cold, tasks that require sustained attention are a struggle.

Education doesn’t end at school
It’s important to also consider the climate at home too. With homework and studying playing a big role in education, being able to focus in the home environment is just as critical. Why not arrange for an obligation free, consultation with a Comfyhome specialist dealer?

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