Brivis Evaporative Summer Promotion 2021

Supporting our core Evaporative Cooling range during the Summer period, Rinnai / Brivis will be launching a new Summer Promotion designed to support sales and promote both brands and range of Evaporative Coolers.

brivis evaporative cooling

Brivis Evaporative Summer Promotion OFFER

Cash Back up to $150 via Digital Visa Gift Card

Promotion Start: 01/10/2021

Promotion End: 31/12/2021

Participating Products in Victoria

Brivis Advance F36DS, F46DS, F56DS, F66DS, F76DS, F86DS

Brivis Promina P36, P46, P56, P66, P76

Brivis Contour L36, L46, L56, L66, L76

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