Breezair Summer Promotion 2021

Breezair™ by Seeley International®  is the market leader and No.1 Choice for natural cooling.  With revolutionary design and inverter technology, Seeley International provides most energy-efficient and quietest evaporative air coolers on the market.

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Breezair CASH BACK OFFER – Up to $300 AUD

  • For a Breezair XTR (Extraordinaire) Evaporative Air Conditioner – $300.00
  • For a Breezair EXS (SuperCool) Evaporative Air Conditioner – $200.00
  • For a Breezair EXQ (Icon) Evaporative Air Conditioner – $200.00

Promotion End: 30/12/2021

How to Claim the cash back offer?

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To participate in this Promotion and be eligible to claim the cash back offer, a customer must:
(a) purchase a brand new Breezair XTR, EXS or EXQ Evaporative Air Conditioner from a Participating Dealer during the Promotional Period (“Eligible Product”);
(b) have the Eligible Product installed (by the same Participating Dealer they purchased it from), and paid for in full, on or prior to the Closing Date (refer clause 5 above) of this Promotion;
(c) submit an online application form via Seeley International’s website to redeem the cash back offer prior to the Closing Date of this Promotion; and
(d) on or prior to the Closing Date of this Promotion (to complete the online application to redeem the cash back offer), submit to Seeley International:
(i) a legible tax invoice and a receipt for payment of a deposit, in PDF format only, from a Participating Dealer to verify that the Eligible Product was purchased within the Promotional Period; and
(ii) a legible and paid tax invoice, together with a receipt showing payment in full, in PDF format only, dated on or before the Closing Date of the promotion to verify that the date of installation of the Eligible Product, and date that full payment was made for the Eligible Product, was on or before the Closing Date; and
(e) comply with all of the other requirements set out in these Terms and Conditions.

Cashback Participating Dealer – ComfyHome

ComfyHome Heating & Cooling is a Climate Masters of Seeley International, premier installer for Breezair Evaporative Air Conditioning. Call to ComfyHome on 1300 266 394 Today for more information about Breezair Air Conditioning and 2021 Promotions.

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