Why Braemar Error Code Pops Up?

While the Braemar controller unit is operating your air conditioning system, it is also monitoring and controlling every aspect of the system’s performance. If anything unusual occurs during operation, the Braemar Networker will display a spanner symbol (Error Code).

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How to fix the Braemar Error Code Problem?

Reboot your system

We strongly recommend that you should try resetting your system and see if it resolve the problem before spending money on a service call. 

You can do so simply by unplugging the unit from the PowerPoint, if you cannot locate the PowerPoint, just shut down your whole house power from the switchboard, leave it out for at least 5-10 minutes and turn the power back on.

Call a professional
If an error code continues to appear, give us a call on 1300 266 394 and our highly trained, fully licensed technician will come out to provide a full detailed inspection and efficient solution to resolve the problem.

Braemar Error Code Table

Number Error Code Error Description
1 b5 Indoor unit liquid valve temperature sensor open/short circuited
2 b7 Indoor unit liquid valve temperature sensor open/short circuited
3 dn Communication line misconnected or expansion valve error
4 En Frequency restricted/reduced with IPM current protection
5 EU Frequency restricted/reduced with IPM temperature protection
6 E1 Compressor high-pressure protection
7 E2 Indoor anti-freeze protection
8 E3 Compressor low-pressure protection
9 E4 Compressor high discharge temperature protection
10 E5 Whole unit over-current protection
11 E6 Communication error
12 E7 Running mode conflict
13 E8 Overload protection
14 E9 Indoor unit full water protection
15 Fo Pump-down
16 FH Frequency restricted/reduced with anti-freezing protection
17 F0 System charge shortage or blockage protection
18 F1 Return air temperature sensor open/short circuited
19 F2 Evaporator temperature sensor open/short circuited
20 F3 Outdoor ambient temperature sensor open/short circuited
21 F4 Outdoor mid-tube temperature sensor open/short circuited
22 F5 Discharge temperature sensor open/short circuited
23 F6 Frequency restricted/reduced with overload protection
24 F8 Frequency restricted/reduced with whole unit current protection
25 F9 Frequency restricted/reduced with high discharge temperature
26 Hc Pfc protection
27 HE Compressor demagnetization protection
28 H1 Forced defrosting
29 H3 Compressor overheating protection
30 H5 IPM current protection
31 H6 Motor stalling
32 H7 Compressor desynchronising protection
33 LA Outdoor fan 1 error protection
34 Lc Compressor Startup failure
35 Ld Compressor phase loss/reversal protection
36 LE Compressor stalling
37 LF Over-Speeding
38 LP Indoor and outdoor units unmatched
39 L3 Outdoor fan 1 error protection
40 L9 Over-power protection
41 Pd Sensor connection protection
42 PE Temperature drift protection
43 PF Drive board temperature sensor error
44 PH DC Bus over-voltage protection
45 PL DC Bus under-voltage protection
46 PP AC input voltage abnormal
47 PU Capacitor charging error
48 P5 Over phase current protection
49 P6 Drive board communication error
50 P7 IPM temperature sensor open / short circuited
51 P8 IPM temperature protection
52 P9 AC contactor protection
53 U1 Compressor phase current sensing circuit error
54 U3 DC bus voltage drop error
55 U5 Whole unit current sensing circuit error
56 U7 4 way valve reversing error
57 U8 PG motor zero-crossing protection
58 U9 Defrost or oil return
Number DRED Code Code Description
1 d1 DRED mode 1 (full shut down)
2 d2 DRED mode 2 (50% power)
3 d3 DRED mode 3 (75% power)


Any other error codes that appear on the screen could indicate that the air conditioning unit is not operating due to a malfunction or fault with the electronic control module. This error may be reset at the power supply, however, if the error persists, contact 1300 266 394 to book in a service & repair with Comfyhome Heating & Cooling.

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