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For more than 60 years Bonaire has been providing Aussie homes with efficient heating and cooling systems. Their modern approach to design has provided homes all across the country with intelligent heating and cooling solutions. Their systems take into account environmental impact and overall cost to help you make the most of your heating and cooling. Bonaire systems are also made right here in Australia. If you’re looking to install a high-quality Bonaire system, talk to your local ComfyHome Heating and Cooling specialist today. We can help you find the system that’s right for you, whether that’s air conditioning, evaporative cooling, ducted heating or something else.



MSZ-AP Series

Bonaire MB3


When installed as part of a ducted system the MB3 will provide effective and efficient whole of home heating to keep out the chills of winter. All heaters are constructed with the Bonaire multi tube heat exchanger, electronic ignition and state of the art diagnostic control boards. Plus the heaters are supplied complete with the Bonaire Slimline Digital thermostat or the option of the Navigator wall mounted digital controller that allows you to preset four independent heating periods per day. With the Navigator you can just set and forget.


Bonaire MB4


The MB4 is specifically designed to fit in small and compact spaces and offers the choice of Navigator Wall Mounted Controller or Navigator Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Controller. Both are fully programmable for automatic operation and capable of running up to 8 integrated zones.** You can also operate your MB4 heater with the optional Bonaire My Climate® Wi-Fi® control.

MSZ-EF Series

Bonaire MB5


The advanced technology of gas valve modulation is able to match the load requirements of your home reducing its heating capacity as low as 10%*. This not only reduces gas consumption but also reduces electricity usage of the fan motor. The MB5 series also offers the choice of Navigator Wall Mounted Controller or Navigator Radio Frequency (RF) Remote Controller. You can also operate your MB5 heater with the optional Bonaire My Climate® Wi-Fi® control.

MSY-GN Series Cooling Only

Bonaire MB6


The MB6 uses a primary and secondary heat exchanger which combined gives you a six star energy efficiency rating. When you add this level of efficiency to Bonaire’s predictive logic modulation system which modulates both the gas rate and the room air fan, you can achieve the ultimate in comfort without excessive energy bills.


Bonaire Rhino


Unfortunately all things wear out with age and, as technologies and efficiencies advance, there comes a time when you need to look at replacing your old ducted heater.
If your old heater is an external model mounted on an air distribution base box then the Bonaire Rhino will suit many installations of this type. Bonaire Rhino has been specifically developed to provide a quick easy changeover for many of the old externally installed gas heaters.


Bonaire Optima Hi Wall Splits

Bonaire Optima Hi Wall Splits


Optima split systems come in sleek, subtle designs that look cool and classy on any wall. The innovative design of Bonaire’s Optima Hi-Wall Split System allows super quiet operation and increased airflow for maximum comfort.

York Multi Splits

York Multi Splits


York® inverter multi splits provide you with the convenience of one outdoor unit connected to up to five indoor heads. Ideal for air conditioning installations where roof space is limited, you can have different areas of your home air conditioned with each individually controlled. The multi split indoor unit has a sleek, subtle design that looks cool and classy on any wall. York inverter multi split systems are highly efficient and simple to program – with user-friendly options like ‘time till


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