All You Need To Know About Gas Ducted Heater

Are you looking for a heating solution that will keep your home warm and cosy during long Melbourne winters? A gas ducted heating system ticks all the boxes and has what it takes to meet your requirements.

Gas Ducted Heater Installation in Melbourne

Gas ducted heating Melbourne is a cost-effective and reliable solution with flexible zoning options to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint. Moreover, it is the quietest heating option that delivers unmatched tranquillity without annoying background noise.

What Is Gas Ducted Heating?

Gas ducted heating, also known as central ducted heating, is a highly efficient alternative to reverse cycle air conditioning. It is one of the most energy-efficient solutions to heat your homes under one heating system unit. This heating unit is preferably installed outside your house, and outlets are set under the floor or the ceiling.

How Does Gas Ducted Heating Work?

The gas ducted heating unit is a simple unit attached to a sequence of outlets through ducts. The unit gathers air from inside the house, heats it, and puffs it through air ducts to vents/ outlets. And the temperature can be controlled through the thermostat that is attached to the unit. It delivers on its promises by heating the entire house with impressive efficiency. Moreover, the outside weather has no impact on how toasty your home can get.


Is Gas Ducted Heating Affordable?

How gas ducted heating worksInstallation of such a unit in your house needs a deep analysis. The unit’s cost, along with installation cost, may vary depending on the size of the unit you choose and if you are interested in installing an add-on cooling system along with it.

Notwithstanding, it is feasible to add a cooling framework to your present heating unit, which will utilise similar channels to circulate cold air throughout the summer and warm air throughout the colder time of year.

Calculating a rough estimate, installing a gas ducted heating unit will cost you around 3413 to 13652 AUD.

While the traditional heating units can heat 1 or 2 rooms only, they can be costly compared to this heating unit, i.e., one heating unit that can heat the whole house.

What Influences Ducted Gas Heating Expenses?

Your gas heating unit expenses will depend on the following two important factors:

FACTOR #1: Installation of ducted heaters

The expense of a ducted heater is subject primarily to the company/brand that you pick. It’s necessary to re-think the significance of guaranteeing that your ducted heating unit is installed correctly and by the absolute best hands. This saves you from the expense of recurring fixes. If you go for DIY or the installer is inexperienced, it can cost you a lot in the form of repairs and other expenses.

FACTOR #2: Size of the heater

The larger the size, the more expensive it would be. So here, it depends on your budget and the size of heater that you can afford.

Other factors also play a role in determining the expense:

  • Size of your house
  • How frequently you use it
  • Whether the ducts are insulated or not
  • The temperature that you are setting
  • Outside temperature

It would be best if you read this informative piece on whether it is expensive to run ducted heating or not.

Pros And Cons of Ducted Gas Heating

Here are the following advantages and disadvantages of ducted gas heating unit:


  • It’s suitable for Melbourne winters
  • It is an affordable heating solution in the long run
  • Effortlessly controlled with a thermostat
  • Heats the room rapidly
  • Energy efficient
  • As it’s installed either on your floor or ceiling so that wouldn’t create a mess
  • Gas is less expensive than electricity, so lower energy costs
  • Heats the whole house under one single unit rather than installing different heaters in each room
  • Filters the air as well
  • Provides value for money


  • The room temperature isn’t even. The rooms close to the power source are hotter than rooms further away from the power source, subsequently decreasing the solace level.
  • Restricted adaptability to meet changing warming necessities
  • One of the significant gas heating unit disadvantages is carbon monoxide poisoning that can occur without regular maintenance. It is extremely important to have the system inspected by professionals to check for leaks.

Gas Ducted Unit vs. Split System

Split systems are moderately less expensive to buy in contrast with the ducted heating unit. Likewise, introducing a split framework does not have to be too expensive if you plan to heat one or two rooms in the house.

One of the drawbacks of a split system is that it is appropriate for just a limited number of rooms. It isn’t fitting to buy this framework with the expectation of warming or cooling your big house. In case you need to warm up an entire house, you should consider a gas ducted heating system.

Toward the day’s end, no one but you can choose the right unit depending on what you need. A split system is great, but it is not intended for warming up an entire house.

Is A Ducted Gas Heating System Right For Me?   

You don’t want to spend Melbourne winters with a low-performance heating system installed in your place. Deciding whether a ducted gas heating system is right for you depends on your budget and a few other factors. For instance, you don’t need it if you want to heat a small room. If you want to heat up your entire house in an environmentally friendly and cheaper way, a ducted heating system is the right choice.

Professional Ducted Heating Installation Melbourne

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If you have any queries related to ducted gas heating installation, repair, maintenance, or the best ducted gas heating brands in Australia, please feel free to contact us anytime. We would be more than happy to assist you.


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