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If you live in Fairfield, Melbourne, and are looking for ducted air conditioning or standard air conditioning services, you can trust ComfyHome. After all, homeowners and businesses alike know they can rely on the experienced members of the ComfyHome team for assistance.

We have a remarkable team of highly skilled AC technicians that have been with us for decades. So, no one is more trusted or more dependable than ComfyHome when it comes to great offers on refrigerated ducted cooling or split system air conditioning installation in Melbourne’s suburbs.

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Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Fairfield

It may be worth your while to consider installing ducted refrigerated air conditioning if you want to have the option of having cold or warm air pumped throughout your entire house at the touch of a button at any time. Additionally, you can opt to switch the air conditioning on and off in different areas of your home, ensuring that you are not wasting energy in rooms that aren’t being used.

Refrigerated air conditioning delivered through ducts serves as a comprehensive cooling-and-heating system, ensuring a comfortable indoor atmosphere throughout the year. Although it is more expensive AC system to install and maintain than most other systems, you will benefit from the highest level of ease & comfort. ComfyHome is the only name you need to know when it comes to refrigerated ducted installation in Melbourne because they are the most experienced.

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Add-On Cooling Fairfield

Use your current heating ducts to distribute cold, crisp air throughout your entire house or just chosen zones with Add-on Cooling. This method of installation allows you to save a significant amount of money upfront while still enjoying the maximum comfort that ducted conditioning gives.

As a result, integrating an add-on cooling system with your existing heating system will allow you to efficiently create a comfortable living area while also delivering a cost-effective cooling solution at the same time. In order to make logical sense, you need to consider installing additional conditioning in your business or house.

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Home Heating & Cooling System Choices in Fairfield

Gas ducted heating in Melbourne

Gas Ducted Heating

Gas Ducted Heating is the best way to keep your home cosy and warm in the cold winter months, providing efficient heat to multiple rooms of your home through a convenient ducted system.

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Split System Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne

Split System

Split System Air Conditioning combines heating and cooling in one, making it easy to maintain a comfortable temperature in a single room. Both an outdoor and indoor unit are required for installation of a split system.

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Evaporative Cooling Installation in Melbourne

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling uses the natural process of evaporation to cool air using water, making it a very cost-effective and energy efficient cooling solution. The cooled air is circulated through a series of ducts to keep your whole home cool.

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Multi Head split system installation in Melbourne

Multi Head Split System

Multi-Split System Air Conditioning is a great solution that provides heating and cooling for multiple rooms of your home from just a single outdoor unit. Split system can be connected up to 8 indoor units.

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Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne

Ducted Refrigerated

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning is the gold standard for air conditioning, helping to keep multiple rooms in your home cool and warm all around the year. These systems also filter the air for fresher, cleaner air.

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Add On Cooling Installation in Melbourne

Add-On Cooling

Add-On Cooling is ideal when you have an existing Gas Ducted Heater, allowing you to install cooling using the same network of ducts instead of having to install new ones. This can reduce installation costs significantly.

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Split Systems Installation Fairfield

A split system may be the best option for you if you require a quick and low-cost cooling solution for individual rooms. Single-room or open space split systems circulate cool, refrigerated air through a single room or open space via a wall-mounted unit, and they are an excellent way to reap the benefits of refrigerated air conditioning without having to install a whole ducted system.

A split system can be as inexpensive as one-tenth the cost of a whole-house ducted refrigerated system, which is ideal if you simply need to cool a single room. As a result, it is an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget. Contact ComfyHome for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about split system installation.

Multi Head Split Systems Fairfield

Multi-head split systems are a good option if you need efficient heating and cooling for numerous rooms but don’t have the area for in-roof ducting because of your roof structure. Multi-head split systems are quite similar to single split systems, except that they employ a single outdoor unit and numerous indoor units, allowing you to cool up to five distinct rooms with a single outdoor unit and many indoor units.

At ComfyHome, we provide a comprehensive selection of multi-head split systems in Melbourne. Our knowledgeable AC technicians can assist you in selecting a unit that will complement your home and meet your heating and cooling requirements. When it comes to keeping your house or business at the appropriate temperature throughout the year, these simple devices are a great option.

Evaporative Cooling Fairfield

Evaporative cooling is an ideal solution for homeowners and businesses that are looking for something that has the least environmental impact and lower running cost.  It’s both cost-effective and environmentally beneficial. We at ComfyHome are pleased to offer a selection of high-quality evaporative cooling goods to customers. The use of evaporative cooling to chill the air is significantly more efficient than the use of refrigeration. You will benefit from lower operating costs as a result of this.

Unlike other cooling solutions, evaporative cooling totally refreshes the air in your home every couple of minutes, removing stale air and odours from your home. Furthermore, as compared to ducted refrigerated systems, Evaporative Cooling is a far less expensive option. Units can be purchased for as little as 50% of the total cost, and installation is typically less complicated and less expensive.

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