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Choosing the most appropriate aircon for your house or company is the first step in successfully installing AC. ComfyHome can assist you in selecting the most appropriate system for your needs and budget, ranging from split systems air conditioning, multi-head split systems, ducted refrigerated systems to huge commercial air conditioning installations. In our capacity as air conditioning professionals, ComfyHome provides superior residential and commercial air conditioning installation services.

Our experienced air conditioning installers work with a number of carefully selected manufacturers that we believe offer the best value for money on the AC market today. We provide and install Daikin, ActronAir, and Rinnai units, among other brands, and will give you the best advice on which unit is ideal for your needs. Contact us today at 1300 266 394.

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Air Conditioner Service Broadmeadows

Your air conditioning system needs maintenance in the same way that any other complex machinery does. It is advised that you have your house air conditioning unit serviced once a year for most of them. Air conditioner repairs and replacements can be more expensive in the long term if they are not performed on time. AC units have filters and other components that should be cleaned on a regular basis or replaced as necessary.

Regular aircon maintenance will keep your air conditioner functioning efficiently, and even more critically, it will ensure that the air you and your family breathe is free of contaminants. We provide service for many different types of air conditioning systems from all major manufacturers in Broadmeadows.

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Air Conditioner Refrigerant Re-Filling

Generally speaking, a domestic air conditioning system should not require re-gassing at any point during its serviceable life. The inspiration for this concept came from automobile air conditioning, which requires frequent re-gassing. In contrast to a car, your home’s air conditioning unit makes use of copper pipes and specifically designed connections to ensure that the refrigerant (gas) is kept sealed within. In addition, the installer of your air conditioner should have performed a pressure test to ensure that there are no refrigerant leaks in the system.

An automobile, on the other hand, is made out of rubber pipes, numerous plastic components, and is subjected to the vibrations of driving, which can cause the pipes to weaken and the gas to leak. Damage to your air conditioning unit may result in the release of gas from the unit. The aircon unit will need to be repaired before the system can be re-gassed.

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Home Heating & Cooling System Choices in Broadmeadows

Gas ducted heating in Melbourne

Gas Ducted Heating

Gas Ducted Heating is the best way to keep your home cosy and warm in the cold winter months, providing efficient heat to multiple rooms of your home through a convenient ducted system.

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Split System Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne

Split System

Split System Air Conditioning combines heating and cooling in one, making it easy to maintain a comfortable temperature in a single room. Both an outdoor and indoor unit are required for installation of a split system.

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Evaporative Cooling Installation in Melbourne

Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative Cooling uses the natural process of evaporation to cool air using water, making it a very cost-effective and energy efficient cooling solution. The cooled air is circulated through a series of ducts to keep your whole home cool.

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Multi Head split system installation in Melbourne

Multi Head Split System

Multi-Split System Air Conditioning is a great solution that provides heating and cooling for multiple rooms of your home from just a single outdoor unit. Split system can be connected up to 8 indoor units.

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Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning Installation in Melbourne

Ducted Refrigerated

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning is the gold standard for air conditioning, helping to keep multiple rooms in your home cool and warm all around the year. These systems also filter the air for fresher, cleaner air.

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Add On Cooling Installation in Melbourne

Add-On Cooling

Add-On Cooling is ideal when you have an existing Gas Ducted Heater, allowing you to install cooling using the same network of ducts instead of having to install new ones. This can reduce installation costs significantly.

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Air Conditioning Services Broadmeadows

When you need ComfyHome, we’ll be there. In an emergency, we can be at your service in no time. If your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a 40-degree day and you need immediate help, we’ll get to your location and get the job done. We are able to service a wide range of air conditioning systems, including models from all of the industry’s main manufacturers.

If you need any of these aircon systems installed, serviced, or repaired, don’t hesitate to contact us now. Upon arrival at your home, we will be ready to handle whatever project you may have for us that day. In addition, our technicians are highly trained and certified to handle any work that comes their way.

Your #1 AC Company In Broadmeadows

ComfyHome is the go-to company in Broadmeadows, Melbourne, for air conditioning repairs and installations. In addition to being ready to accept your call, we are also your dependable and trustworthy air conditioner professionals. We provide basic maintenance, as well as services, repairs, and instals for a variety of clients.

Our more than 40 years of experience should eliminate any need for you to look elsewhere; contact us today. Furthermore, our fixed price system ensures that our customers are always aware of their costs. Before any work can begin, you will always be given an estimate that includes all of the charges, and our skilled experts will walk you through the process.

A Group of Professional AC Experts

Your house is your fortress. It is your source of pride and delight. Our courteous experts will treat you and your property with courtesy and will always leave a clean work area after themselves.

Despite the fact that not all AC projects are created equal, all jobs are equal in terms of complexity and we take each project with utmost commitment. We provide the same high levels of attention and service regardless of the scope of the work, whether it’s a small ac repair or a ducted air conditioning installation.

Air Conditioner Service Broadmeadows

It is necessary to have your air conditioner serviced. For that, ComfyHome is the only company you need to call if you want extensive expertise and experience in air conditioner servicing. We understand the need of air conditioning service for all types of systems, from split systems to evaporative cooling.

Having an ac professional inspect and service your air conditioning equipment once a year is one of the most straightforward ways to ensure that it lasts as long as possible, performs efficiently, and is safe. We service air con systems of all makes and models.

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